English III

Student Class Log
English III
Lessons, Activities, and Assignments
Week 5 : August 30-September 3, 2010
Monday, August 30
Distribute and review “Class Log: Week 4 ” for the week’s activities
 Daily Objective: I will be able to apply elements of captivity narratives to my own writing.
 Bell Ringer: What would you do if you were taken captive by someone? Explain.
 Review Week Five Vocabulary
 Discuss captivity narratives, p. 66
 Assessment: Write your own captivity narrative based on what you know about this time period and captivity
narratives. Length requirement- At least one full page.
Tuesday, August 31
 Daily Objective: I will be able to evaluate John Smith’s credibility in a reading selection.
 Bell Ringer: Do you think that authors are always believable? What would make you not trust an author?
 Read about John Smith, p. 68
 Read from The General History of Virginia, p. 70
 Assessment: P. 75 (1,2,4,5,6)
Wednesday, September 1
 Daily Objective: I will identify elements of narrative accounts in William Bradford’s writing.
 Bell Ringer: Why do you think the British were so anxious to explore America? Explain.
 Read about William Bradford, p. 68
 Read from Of Plymouth Plantation, p. 76
 Assessment: P. 84 (All)
Thursday, September 2
 Daily Objective: I will understand synonyms and antonyms, and possessive nouns.
 Bell Ringer: What is your biggest challenge in school right now? Explain.
 Complete the vocabulary lesson on p. 85 (Do ALL questions and activities!)
 Assessment: P. 85 (ALL)
Friday, September 3
 Daily Objective: I will evaluate an author’s writing style in a self-selected book.
 Bell Ringer: Free write.
 Study silently for quiz.
 Vocabulary Quiz
 Reading Workshop
 Reading Response Journal
 Assessment: Vocabulary Quiz, Reading Workshop, and Reading Response Journal
Important Upcoming Dates:
Thursday, September 9- Unit One Exam
Monday, September 13- Mrs. Williams Returns
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