Contact: Julius Toth
Tel: 330-351-3584
Email: [email protected]
Eco-Inventions Brings Revolutionary EcoWasher™ to the Market
President of Eco-Inventions Julius Toth is introducing a revolutionary machine that
eliminates the need for laundry detergent, the EcoWasher®. EcoInventions is a
brand of environmentally friendly and innovative products that 7 Heavens LLC is the
Certified licensed wholesale distributor for in the USA. The EcoWasher® harnesses
the power of nature to transform ordinary cold water into a powerful non-toxic
cleaning agent.
As water flows through the EcoWasher®, it is infused with hydrogen peroxide,
ozone, and nano sized ions that travel through a static mixer to create hydroxyl
radicals- or commonly known as “natures detergent”.
The EcoWasher® requires cold water only and eliminates the need for laundry
detergent, fabric softener, and hot water. It deep cleans laundry by lifting out
embedded dirt, odor, and grime detergents left behind.
The EcoWasher® injects nano-bubbles into the laundry water. Each bubble is filled
with loads of “scrubbing” molecules, which gives the water a milky color. These
molecules are produced by a patented process using radiant catalytic ionization; a
technology invented to clean the air in the International Space Station. Radiant
catalytic ionization technology is recognized by NASA as a Space Certified
The EcoWasher is compact, fast, easy to install and saves thousands over it's
decade lifespan. Benefits of the EcoWasher® include: less lint in dryers, soft fabrics,
increase in fabrics longevity and ultimately supporting a healthier non toxic laundry
To schedule an interview, call or email Julius Toth at 330-351-3584 or
[email protected]
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