Workshop feedback 14th May 2015

Q1. What gaps are emerging under Transforming Rehabilitation?
o not full cost recovery
o National Probation Service clients?
o Length of intervention
o Provision in prison – signposting
Quality of service
o Housing
Trust gap
Information gap
o info about prisoners
Families gap
o eg. 100mile round trip to visit
What are the key strengths that Community Chaplaincy brings to
Transforming Rehabilitation?
Ability to cross geographical boundaries
Already established
Large pool of diverse volunteers
Local knowledge
Qualitative support… but not yet quantitative evidence record
Response to individual need
Adaptability – fills gaps
Good relationships with individual prisons and with other providers
Not just about mentoring
Trusted by offenders – gain their voluntary engagement
Creativity and flexibility
- Do we adapt to something we don’t agree with?
- Do we hope our influence will change things?
- How do we keep distinctive?
How might Community Chaplaincy need to adapt over the next 12 months?
Consider joint regional working
o Emphasis on size and local quality
How do we do a ‘united’ lobby of Gove
How do we look at shared resources in bids to charitable trusts
Suggested Action Points from Peer Group
1. Arrange joint meeting with Michael Gove/Andrew Selous
2. Make new database available
3. ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ on Facebook to raise online presence
4. Look into more sharing of resources eg. shared training
5. Develop resources for mentees
6. Roll out new Impact Measurement tools
7. Investigate prison data sharing protocols
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