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President: Gabe Silva, 4th grader. Gabe is glad to be a part of the Environmental Club because he wants
to help.
Vice President: Bryant Castillo, 4th grader. Bryant is part of the club to help clean up the school
Secretary: Kylie Johnson, 3rd grader. Kylie enjoys the club because it helps the school and the Earth.
Treasurer: Valarie Romo, 3rd grader. She likes helping the school!
Ellis School
720 Central Park
Round Lake Beach, IL 60073
[email protected]
Ellis Environmental Club
Ellis School recycles different things:
Glue sticks
glue bottles
Ink cartridges broken cell phones
It helps the school and the Earth when you recycle. A lot of people would not have the things they
have without recycling. Please send in any empty ink cartridges and broken cell phones so they
don’t go in our landfills! Help Ellis Recycle.
By AnnaBel Stanger and Kylie Johnson
People should recycle at home because it is good for the Earth. Waste Management picks up
recycling at homes weekly with the garbage. At home people can recycle:
You can also send ink cartridges and broken cell phones to school to recycle!
By Bryan Flores and Jovannie Contrares
Environmental Club Kids
Club Officers
Recycling at school
Recycling at home
Energy saving tips
School and Home
We clean up around the school .
Volume 1, Issue 1
February 6, 2013
Ellis Environmental Club
Club Officers
Upcoming Fundraiser
In April the Environmental Club will be selling Smencils for $1.00. The money will be used to add recycling bins to the school. As
well as start collecting other items.
Environmental Club Kids
By Leslie Lopez and Jocelyn Valdez
Environmental Club is important to us because it helps the world keep clean. We
recycle to help the school. Another thing that is important about our club is we clean up
around the school. The kids go outside and clean up different areas of the school grounds
like: behind the school by the fence, the swamp area, the playgrounds, by the path and forest.
Recycling is also good for the school because when we collect it, the items are sent to
a company and our school gets money. The more we recycle the more money the school
can have. The money is used for the school and field trips.
In this issue:
Energy Saving Tips
By Gabe Silva and Diego Vega
Saving energy helps save the Earth. Here are some ways to save energy!
Turn off lights when not in a room
Turn off the TV when no one is watching it
Turn off the computer at night and when no one is home
Only turn on the printer when you need to use it.
When going away for a long period of time, unplug things like toaster, TV, computer,
Use energy efficient light bulbs
Be energy smart!!
Any 3rd or 4th grader is invited to join the Environmental Club. Please see Mrs. Horn in room 26 for a permission
slip. Club meets Wednesdays after school 2 times a month.
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