doe kid classes - Lowood Show Society

Proudly presents their
106th Annual Lowood Show
FRIDAY 31st May
PATRON: Neville Sippel
PRESIDENT: N. Kammholz (07) 5427 9213
VICE PRESIDENTS: Bruce Vayro, Lynell Jendra, Dean Weise
TREASURER: Robert Dumke
Mrs. Janeen Schulz
Po Box 32, Lowood, Q, 4311
Home phone: (07) 5426 1385
Showgrounds: Show Week only (07) 5426 1351
18 Station Street, Lowood
Email: [email protected]
Messrs D. Weise, R. Dumke, N. Sippel, L. Schulz, B. Vayro, N. Kammholz, J. Burgiss, L. Harm,
N. Keane, A. Christensen
Mesdames E. Kammholz, C. Geddes, L. Jendra, J. Schulz,
Jess Schulz, C. Knopke, K. Weise, B. Heise, R. Knopke, J. Keane, G. Christensen
Mesdames C. Knopke (President), J. Lewis (Secretary),
J. Schulz (Treasurer), L. Sippel, B. Stevens, C. Teis, B. Harm,
L. Schulz, B. Heise
Gallagher Legal
Entries will be received by the Secretary at above address
Held under the Rules and Regulations of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies
Check out our website at
Marburg – 26 & 27 April
Boonah – 17 & 18 May
Ipswich – 17, 18 & 19 May
Esk – 24 & 25 May
Lowood – 31 May & 1 June
Toogoolawah – 7 & 8 June
Kalbar – 14 & 15 June
Rosewood – 21, 22 & 23 June
Laidley – 6 & 7 July
Gatton – 19 & 20 July
Brisbane Royal – 8 – 17 Aug
Miss Showgirl & Rural Ambassador – Lowood
Stud Beef Young Paraders - Esk
Stud Beef Young Judges – Lowood
Rich Fruit Cake Competition – Esk
Prime Cattle Young Judges – Toogoolawah
Dairy Cattle Young Judges – Gatton
Dairy Cattle Young Paraders – Gatton
Ute Muster – Laidley
State Finals will be held at the RNA
Quilts across Queensland – RNA
Dark Rich Fruit Cake Competition – RNA
For further information contact your Local Show Society
2013 Admission Prices
2 DAY GATE PASS: $10.00
FAMILY PASS: $22.00 (Saturday)
Friday Admissions:
Adult: $6.00
Pensioners: $ 6.00 (must present card)
High School (13 to 17years): $6.00
Primary School (5 to 12): $2.00
Saturday Admissions:
Adult: $10.00
Pensioners: $6.00 (must present card)
High School (13 to 17yrs): $6.00
Primary School (5 to 12): $2.00
1. Forward your entries to the Secretary as early as possible.
2. The Certificate of Entry is a printed form to be obtained from the Secretary, as it is from these
documents that the Catalogue will be compiled, it is absolutely necessary that the whole of the
questions contained in them should be answered as far as possible and signed by the Exhibitor.
3. The Committee reserves the right to receive for exhibition only and not for competition (if space
permits) any stock, articles or produce not specified in the Schedule which may be considered to
possess Special Merit.
4. ADMISSION will be Adults $10.00 Saturday and $6.00 Friday, Pensioners $6.00 (on production of card),
High School Students $6.00, Primary School Children $2.00, Family Pass (Saturday) $22.00, 2-Day Gate
passes $10.00.
5. All horse vehicles must come through the bottom gate of the Showgrounds (Lindemann’s Road) and be
directed to the horse parking area.
6. All stallions and colts 2 years and over must be paraded in halter, with bit and chain.
7. All horse vehicles, when requested by Stewards to move, must move.
8. The Committee has the right to refuse any exhibit without giving a reason and no correspondence will
be entered into.
9. To be eligible to ride on an animal in the Grand Parade at our Show, all children eleven years and under
must be accompanied by an adult.
10. Age of horses to be computed from 1st August - N.B. Any person willfully giving wrong ages or untrue
copies of livestock will be disqualified and otherwise dealt with as the Committee may direct.
11. Horses will be considered maidens if maidens at time of starting. All horses must be named.
12. All Exhibitors to pay admission fees regardless of number of entries.
13. Post entries day of show.
14. In approximate order, which shall not be binding, subject to alterations at the discretion of Stewards,
judging commences at the time specified in that ring on Saturday.
15. No rings will be required to wait if there is a clash in another ring.
16. Ribbons for First, Second and Third of each class.
17. Only Blue Ribbon horses for Championships.
18. Second place to Champion, eligible for Reserve Champion.
19. No person under disqualification, recognised by this Association may exhibit or compete.
20. All horses to be controlled to the satisfaction of Stewards.
21. If a horse breaks away in the ring, the exhibitor may be asked to take the horse out of the ring
22. Any competitor may be instructed by the Ringmaster or his assistants to move any horse that is
considered to be a danger to other competitors.
23. All exhibitors and/or grooms entering the grounds shall obey the lawful directions of the President,
Committee, Stewards or employees of the Show Society. Failure to do so shall entitle the President of
this Society to disqualify the exhibitor and/or his/her exhibit from competing at the Show and may
order the removal of the exhibitor from the grounds.
24. Obscene and abusive language will not be tolerated.
25. Competitors must be suitably attired when exhibiting, including footwear. Joggers are not acceptable.
26. Any protest by an exhibitor must be lodged in writing with the Committee Person or Steward in charge
of any section within 30 minutes of the completion of the event together with a fee of $50 cash. The fee
will be forfeited if the protest is considered to be frivolous or vexatious. The protest shall be heard
according to the rules of natural justice by a Dispute Committee of 3, appointed b y the President of this
Show and the decision of the Dispute Committee shall be final and without appeal.
27. No dogs allowed on the grounds except dogs that are entered in the Dog Show run under the Canine
Control Council Rules.
28. Judges shall be suitably attired in either riding clothes or neat street attire when judging.
29. No exhibitors or members of the exhibitor’s family or anybody employed by the exhibitor shall
approach a judge with regard to a decision made by the judge unless they obtain permission from the
Chief Steward/Ring Master or Steward of the Section.
30. The Show Society may carry out random swabbing during the Lowood Show.
31. Registration papers from Breed Associations must be produced upon request from Stewards.
32. The age of a horse shall be calculated from the first day of August. Every horse foaled before the first o f
August in any year shall be deemed to be one year old on that date.
33. A Maiden is a horse that has not won a First prize in a similar event at any affiliated show.
34. A Novice is a horse that has not won an Open Champion Hack at any agricultural show.
35. Stallions are not permitted in Hack Classes.
36. Pony Hacks must be under 14 hands.
37. Pony Hacks must be ridden by a rider under 17 years of age.
38. A Galloway Hack shall be 14 hands and not exceeding 15 hands.
39. A Galloway Hack cannot compete in other Hack Classes unless otherwise stated.
40. Show Hunters have more substance and bone than the modern show horse but will still maintain
41. . The turnout for Show Hunters is more subdued than that of a usual Saddle Horse.
42. There should be no coloured brow bands, ribbons or flowers, and tweed attire is preferred.
43. Show Hunters are not eligible to compete in Hack events.
Any Exhibitors intending to bring electrical equipment to the Showgrounds, will be required to ensure that such
equipment is fitted with earth leakage circuit breakers and that all electrical leads, tools and appliances have
been inspected and tagged by a licensed electrical contractor. This is essential for the safety of all exhibitors
and the general public and is a requirement of the current Queensland Electrical Safety Act. The Act imposes
very severe penalties in the event of non-compliance with its provisions. Any Exhibitors who do not comply will
not be allowed to exhibit at the Lowood Showgrounds. Exhibitors should check all electrical equipment and
leads before coming to the Showgrounds to avoid the occurrence of any difficulties.
Entries: Chief Steward: Janet Stone - 91 West Road, Coominya 4311, Ph: (07) 5426 4983
Entries close: Friday 31st May 2013 Entry Fee: $2.00 per entry
Late Entries: $3.00 until 9.00 a.m. ONLY show day.
Judging: to commence 10.00 a.m. sharp, Saturday 1st June 2013
Prize Money: First: $5.00, Second: $3.00, Third: $2.00
Prizes to be collected on day of show
Sponsors: Many local and interstate people and businesses
Spraying facilities on Grounds
REGULATIONS FOR C.R.V. Goats must come from a fully accredited herd. A copy of the current C.R.V.
Certificate MUST be forwarded with entries. If this is not complied with, entries WILL BE REJECTED and goats
cannot be shown.
1. Best Groomed and Presented, any breed/age - Ribbon Only
2. Saanen Doe 2yrs and over, in milk or dry
3. Anglo Nubian Doe 2yrs and over, in milk or dry
4. British Alpine Doe 2yrs and over, in milk or dry
5. Toggenburg Doe 2yrs and over, in milk or dry
6. Australian Melaan Doe 2yrs and over, in milk or dry
7. Australian Brown Doe 2yrs and over, in milk or dry
8. Saanen Doe 1yr and under 2yrs, in milk or dry
9. Anglo Nubian Doe 1yr and under 2yrs, in milk or dry
10. British Alpine Doe 1yr and under 2yrs, in milk or dry
11. Toggenburg Doe 1yr and under 2yrs, in milk or dry
12. Australian Melaan Doe 1yr and under 2yrs, in milk or dry
13. Australian Brown Doe 1yr and under 2yrs, in milk or dry
14. Type and Production, 24 hour test, any age/breed
15. Type and Production, Herd recording, any age/breed
16. Best Udder, First Lactation, Any Breed
17. Best Udder, Second or Subsequent Lactation, any Breed
18. Saanen Doe Kid under 12 months
19. Anglo Nubian Doe Kid under 12 months
20. British Alpine Doe Kid under 12 months
21. Toggenburg Doe Kid under 12 months
22. Australian Melaan Doe Kid under 12 months
23. Australian Brown Doe Kid under 12 months
Champion Saanen Doe from Classes 2, 8, 18 Sash & Trophy
Reserve Champion Saanen Doe – Sash
Champion Anglo Nubian Doe from Classes 3, 9, 19 Sash & Trophy
Reserve Champion Anglo Nubian Doe – Sash
Champion British Alpine Doe from Classes 4, 10, 20 Sash & Trophy
Reserve Champion British Alpine Doe – Sash
Champion Toggenburg Doe from Classes 5, 11, 21 Sash & Trophy
Reserve Champion Toggenburg Doe – Sash
Champion Australian Melaan Doe from Classes. 6, 12, 22 Sash & Trophy
Reserve Champion Australian Melaan Doe – Sash
Champion Australian Brown Doe from Classes 7, 13, 23 Sash & Trophy
Reserve Champion Brown Doe – Sash
Grand Champion Doe, All Breeds - Sash & Trophy
Best Udder Of Show, All Breeds - Sash & Trophy
Champion Doe Kid, All Breeds - Sash & Trophy, from Classes 18 - 23
Reserve Champion Doe Kid, All Breeds – Sash
24. Buck Kid, any breed under 12 months
25. Saanen Buck, 1 year and over
26. Anglo Nubian Buck, 1 year and over
27. British Alpine Buck, 1 year and over
28. Toggenburg Buck, 1 year and over
29. Australian Melaan Buck, 1 year and over
30. Australian Brown Buck, 1 year and over
Champion Buck Kid, All Breeds - Sash & Trophy
Reserve Champion Buck Kid, All Breeds – Sash
Champion Buck, All Breeds - Sash & Trophy
Reserve Champion Buck, All Breeds – Sash
31. Sire’s Progeny, 2 progeny, any age, any breed, doe or buck
32. Sire and 1 Progeny, any age, any breed, doe or buck
33. Dam’s Progeny, 2 progeny, any age, any breed, doe or buck
34. Dam and 1 Progeny, any age, any breed, doe or buck
A big thank you to the Lowood Show Society and sponsors of this section
from Janet and the Dairy Goat Exhibitors
Chief Steward: S. Ludwig
Ring Stewards: T, J & M Ludwig
Entry Forms to: [email protected]
Entries Close: Thursday 30th May 2013 – NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED
Please bring a signed completed entry form and correct fees on day of show. Ensure animals have correct ear
tag. A copy of registration Certificate will need to be sighted at sign in.
Entry Fee: $2.00 per entry
Please complete your entry form carefully as this regulation will be strictly adhered to
Prizes: 1st - 3rd Places – Ribbon
Judging Commences: 11.00 a.m. All animals to be penned no later than 10am
Please Note:
All exhibitors are responsible for arranging their own public liability insurance and other insurances. You are
covered under then showgrounds public liability in case of an accident to yourself, but you are not covered if
your animal hurts, damages or injures a member of the public or their property.
1. Age of goats will be as shown adjacent to each class in Show Schedule.
2. All animals must be on grounds one hour before start of judging for height verification on day of show
3. Exhibitors must pay an entry fee into the showgrounds.
4. All animals must be NLIS ear tagged and the tag must correspond with that is listed on the registration
certificate and confirmed prior to commencement of judging.
5. All animals to be accompanied by a fully completed waybill
6. All goats must be owned by the exhibitor as recorded on registration certificate.
**Please see Show Secretary for full list of rules and regulations or email
[email protected] for a copy**
1. Best Presented (any age)
2. Classic Miniature Head (with ear type or not, any age)
3. Showmanship: Handler – any age**
**Showmanship is open to adults and juniors
Handlers will be required to follow Judges Instructions, handle animal correctly, maintain correct distances between
themselves and other exhibitors, hold leads correctly, position animals correctly and keep animals between Judge and
handler at all times. Friendly attitude is a must. Judge may request additional handling skills to award a clear first place.
Showmanship is a handling skill class, minimal questions will be asked.
4. Doe – under 6 months (up to 53.3cm)
5. Doe – under 6 months & under 12 months (up to 53.3cm)
Champion & Reserve Champion Miniature Bred Doe Kid
6. Doe – over 12 months and under 24 months (up to 57cm)
7. Doe – over 24 months and under 36 months (up to 57cm)
Champion & Reserve Champion Miniature Bred Junior Doe
8. ADULT Doe – 3 years and under 5 years (up to 57cm)
9. ADULT Doe – over 5 years (up to 57cm)
Champion & Reserve Champion Adult Miniature Doe
10. Wether – under 6 months (up to 57cm)
11. Wether – over 6 months & under 12 months (up to 57cm)
Champion & Reserve Champion Miniature Bred Wether Kid
12. Wether – over 12 months & under 24 months (up to 60cm)
13. Wether – over 24 months & under 36 months (up to 60cm)
Champion & Reserve Champion Miniature Junior Wether
14. Wether – 3 years and under 4 years (up to 60cm)
15. Wether – over 4 years (up to 63.5cm)
Champion & Reserve Champion Miniature Wether
16. Buck – under 6 months (up to 57cm)
17. Buck – over 6 months & under 12 months (up to 57cm)
Champion & Reserve Champion Miniature Bred Buck Kid
18. Buck – over 12 months & under 24 months (up to 60cm)
19. Buck – over 24 months & under 36 months (up to 60cm)
Champion & Reserve Champion Miniature Bred Junior Buck
20. ADULT Buck – 3 years and under 4 years (up to 60cm)
21. ADULT Buck – over 4 years (up to 63.5cm)
Champion & Reserve Champion ADULT Miniature Buck
(CH Miniature Doe & CH Miniature Buck Adults only)
22. Sire OR Dam and one progeny (two animals from the same exhibitor judged on quality, conformation,
and uniformity of type. Progeny must be better than sire or dam)
23. Two progeny of the same (Registered) Sire OR Dam (two animals from the same exhibitor judged on
quality, conformation and uniformity of breed characteristics)
24. Breeders Pair (Two animals from the same exhibitor, same Stud name, not necessarily related, judged
with emphasis placed on likeness, quality, conformation and uniformity of breed characteristics)
QLD Most Successful Champion Exhibitor Award – 9 possible champion classes: kid doe, kid buck, kid wether,
junior doe, junior buck, junior wether, adult doe, adult buck, adult wether, $10 to enter must be paid prior to
show, 1 point per champion, winner is the exhibitor at the end o the year with the most champion points.
ONE WINNER, Awarded at MGBAA Christmas show $150* Prize. *Subject to fees collected and pooled.
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