Curriculum Overview for Year 3 – Autumn 2015

Curriculum Overview for Year 3 – Autumn 2015
 In Literacy we will be
reading & retelling
traditional tales, beginning
with Tales of Wisdom &
Wonder by Hugh Lupton and
then looking at traditional
Native American Tales
 Our learning will include
dialogue and story structure
Art & Design
 To support the children's
writing we will be
concentrating on VCOP
(vocabulary, connectives,
openers and punctuation)
and dictation
 In the second half of the
term we will be looking at
poems, preparing for
 Other genres to be
covered will include nonfiction writing, looking
at explanation
texts in particular
 The Guided Reading groups
will explore a range of
texts including poetry and
explanation text
 Art will be linked very closely with our
Topic on Native Americans. We will be
looking at pattern work, focussing on
collage inspired by Native American rugs.
We will also be working with papier-mache
to create sculptures.
 Artists to be
studied are
Georgia O’Keefe
and Frida Kahlo.
Design & Technology
 This term we
will 
revise aspects
place value and developing
strategies for addition and
 The children will be
encouraged to develop their 
fluency and reasoning skills
 We will also focus on one
step word problem solving
based on measure
We will look at a wide
range of mathematical
investigations and continue
to apply our mathematical
skills to solve these
Mental maths skills will be
practised on a regular
basis; including timestables, number bonds for
each number up to 20 and
addition and subtraction
 Please don’t forget to do
your homework each week
and practise your times
tables, especially your 10,
2,5,4,3 (8,6)
D&T work this term will involve textiles
and in particular weaving with a variety
of materials
We will also be producing props
and costumes for the Year 3
We will be creating folders and files.
Programming with Scratch using
algorithms to make characters move
Creating databases
As part of
our cross
curricular learning, we will be looking
at the geography of North America
and considering how the varied
landscape impacted on the lives of the
Native American tribes
Comment ça va?
Introducing yourself
An introduction to recorder playing
and reading musical notation
Learning songs for the topic based
Numbers up to 31.
 Counting in tens
L’argent de poche
To be polite
At the shop: buying toys
 In Science we
will be learning
about Animals including Humans and
investigating Forces and Magnets. As well
as fair testing we will be considering the
importance of repeated testing, and begin
to look at conclusions
 Key Vocabulary: fair test, observations,
predictions, conclusions, skeleton, muscle,
support, protection, movement, diet,
balanced, predators, prey, forces, poles,
attract, repel, magnetic
As part of our cross curricular learning,
we will be looking at the culture and
traditions of the Native Americans
will be on Tuesday
mornings and we will work on water
confidence and stroke development
In outdoor games we will be focussing on
athletic and cricket skills
In PE we will be focussing on gymnastic
Dance lessons will be linked to our topic
work on North America
In RE we
will be focussing
on Harvest,
traditional Christian and Jewish
We will also be looking at stories
about Jesus' life and the festivals
Hannukah and Christmas