Name: Dimah Khalid Alowayyid Date of Birth: 21st March 1987

Name: Dimah Khalid Alowayyid
Date of Birth: 21st March 1987
Place of Birth: Riyadh
Nationality: Saudi
Mobile: 0553122846
Email: [email protected]
Masters in Business “Human Resource Management” Oxford Brookes University
General English language courses in different schools in the UK, Oxford city e.g
(Regent school, King School and Embassy school).
-Academic English courses including level 2 and 3 at Oxford Brookes University.
26-1-2010/20-8-2010 Pre-Master diploma course in Human resource management from Oxford
Brookes University.
BSc in Social Studies “Social Work” King Saud University
Work Experience:
1-9-2008 / 3-2-2009
Specialised Medical Centre Hospital
Position: Social worker
I worked as a social worker in the long term unit with different patients who
are suffering from accidents injuries. Also I worked in the unit for elderly people care. I was
responsible for providing good care and convenient climate to these kinds of people, as well
as working side by side with doctors’ nurses and patient’s family to solve their patient’s
problems. Moreover, I was responsible for keeping doctors and patient’s families in contact
with each other, so I have had to organise the meeting between doctors and family to keep
them aware of their patient’s health and social situation. I was a member of the doctors
meeting for discussing patient’s situation.
Teach at Oxford Saudi School in the UK Oxford city
work as a sales assistant in “Wesam World Centre”
Skills and Qualification:
Fluent in English (writing, reading, and speaking)
Experience in working with team
Good social and communication skills
Computer skills including Word Excel and PowerPoint
Courses and Workshops:
Training for four months at social service department in King Khalid University
English course from the united institute in Saudi
English language courses for a year and six months in Oxford city
“Development of Communication” workshop
Social work conference
“how to protect ourselves and our society form drugs” workshop
“Family communication” workshop
“Social work and current challenges” workshop
Member of the fourth Saudi international conference in Manchester city
“Teamwork and leadership development” training workshop in Manchester city
Brookes Future Leaders certificate
Questionnaire design and quantitative data analysis workshop
Critical thinking workshop
Mind mapping workshop
Networking for success in modern business workshop
Hobbies and Interests:
Sports (swimming, Horseback riding)
Looking always forward for development
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