Newsletter Winter 14-15 - The Bermuda and Marlowe Practice

Bermuda and Marlowe Practice Newsletter
Opening Hours:
Mon 08.00 – 12.00
Wed 13.00 – 17.00
Fri 08.00 – 12.00
Forthill appointments may be
booked at either surgery
because Shakespeare House
and Forthill share the same
appointment system and
Nurse appointments will be
available once the surgery
repairs are completed. This is
taking a long time due to
contract changes affecting
building repairs, expected
completion April-May 15.
Prescriptions may be collected
at either the Forthill surgery or
local chemist. Just let us know
where you would like to collect
your prescription from.
In this Issue
Christmas and New Year
The Bermuda and Marlowe Practice
will be closed on the following days:
Thursday 25th December 2014
Friday 26th December 2014
Thursday 1st January 2015
If you require urgent medical
assistance when the surgery is
closed, dial 111.
Please ensure you do not run out of
medication over the Xmas period.
Winter 2014-15
Farewell to Dr
Jacobs and Dr Mann
Welcome two new
Practice Nurses
Natasha Clarke and
Sue Lorraine.
CQC recent report
admits incorrect data
How to order your
How to find your way
around the
How to join and
news update
FLU – No injection required just
a puff up the nose.
Pregnant ladies, over 65s and
patients with long term
Fusce mollis
and carers – book
flu jabfelis.
The Government has decided that all GP practices in the UK must ask patients if they would
recommend their practice to their friends and family. You will see questionnaires available in the
surgery and on our website asking this question. We will also post the questionnaire to those who
are unable to come along to the surgery. The replies are collated each month and the results will
be published together with comments on the website and in the surgery.
The Friends and Family test commences 1st December, but we thought we would trial it to see
how it would work. On the whole, we have had very positive feed back which is a huge boost to
staff morale. Thank you.
Staff Changes – We wish Dr Jacobs and Dr Mann the very best
The Team
for their forthcoming career changes. Both Dr Jacobs and Dr
Mann have been with the Marlowe Practice for many years but
now feel the time is right for them take on new challenges.
Patients who have been assigned to either Dr Jacobs or Dr Mann
will be transferred to another GP to ensure continuity of care.
The Practice is currently recruiting new doctors to replace Dr
Jacobs and Dr Mann who leave in December.
Doctors: Dr Conley, Dr Stoker,
Dr Berkelaar, Dr Akhtar, Dr
Healy and Dr Dickson
We are delighted to welcome Natasha and Sue, two new
practice nurses to the team. Both nurses are new to Primary
Care but experienced in hospital and community care. Natasha
and Sue will be assisting the doctors with triage and many of the
day to day patients needs currently supported by all our
practice nurses and health care assistants. Amber has decided
to leave practice nursing and develop her career as a school
nurse; Amber is still helping us with family planning and coils.
Reception/ Admin Team:
Sharon H, Nicola, Sharon F
Christine, Belinda, Linda, Nia,
Marie, Jackie, Kirsty, Tracey,
Aru, Wendy, Catherine, Linda,
Tenika, Linda S, Kathleen and
We wish Amber every success with her new career.
Nurses: Alison, Beth, Andrea,
Natasha, Sue, Sara and Cherry.
Practice Manager:
Maryanne Leigh
Finally, Sue our longest serving member of the team has
retired after 25 years of service. Good Luck Sue, we all
miss you!
CQC Intelligent Monitoring Report – CQC admit there are errors on our report. Bermuda
and Marlowe’s prescriptions are stored under the Bermuda Practice, however the CQC have
reported that Bermuda is a high prescriber because they cannot separate the two practices so it
looks as if we have prescribed double the amount compared with other practices. The CCG and
CQC are trying to resolve this error.
PRESCRIPTIONS – how to order: Please do not telephone for a prescription unless this has
been agreed by the practice (e.g. housebound, frail and elderly). Mistakes have been made
and the doctors have requested all phone requests to be ceased.
Prescriptions may be ordered online via our website, or using the reorder slip – tick the items
you require and place in prescription box, by post (please include SAE if required) or by
coming to the practice and ordering in person. Allow two full working days for your
prescription to be prepared and signed. The Bermuda side deals with prescriptions.
Why not join our Patient
We have a great patient
group who really help to
make positive changes,
they have helped set up
the appointment system,
set goals for
improvements and much
more – ask for a form at
reception and help shape
your practice
Shakespeare Health Centre The physiotherapist,
counsellor and midwife have
Where to find us
The Marlowe side deals with
pre-booked appointments and
The Bermuda side deals with
on the day triage patients and
prescriptions. If the triage
doctor needs to see you, please
come to the Bermuda side.
rooms upstairs on the
Bermuda side. There is a
small waiting area upstairs. .
Our travel clinic is based
opposite the main entrance
Trials clinic patients are
seen upstairs on the
Marlowe side
Use the check in screen or
report to reception first
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