Applying for job

Applying for a Position
Orange City Council
Compiled by
Orange City Council
PO Box 35, Orange NSW, 2800
Phone 6393 8000
Fax 1900 970 135
e-mail: [email protected]
Orange City Council
This information is provided to assist you in submitting applications for
advertised vacancies within Orange City Council. Council is an equal
opportunity employer, and applies merit based selection techniques.
Selection is based on the assessment of each applicant in relation to the
selection criteria provided in each position description.
Please read the following information carefully, as it will help you to
understand Council’s selection process and prepare your application.
The job advertisement will provide a number of details that are important
for your application.
Firstly, note the closing date. Council must receive your application by this
date for it to be accepted.
Secondly, the advertisement will set out a Container number that must be
displayed on the application to ensure it is directed to the correct
Container. once your application reaches Councils Records Department.
The advertisement will advise that an information pack is to be collected or
downloaded. Applicants need to read through this pack thoroughly and
address the essential and desirable criteria set out in the Position
Description. Please keep your application concise and succinct and try to
only include relevant information.
Covering letter
This letter should include the name of the position and the container
number and the applicants contact details including daytime phone
Statement addressing each of the Essential and Desirable
Selection Criteria
It is most important that you provide information on each of the
essential and desirable criteria. This should concisely and adequately
illustrate how you meet the criteria. Try to provide evidence of your
merit, with examples. You can also include transferable knowledge,
skills or ability in areas relevant to the selection criteria which you
Orange City Council
have developed outside the workplace as evidence eg a leadership
role in a volunteer organisation.
Essential criteria are those qualities that you must possess to perform
the job, whereas desirable criteria are those qualities that would
assist you in the job.
The decision of whether to interview you is based on how well you
meet the essential and desirable selection criteria.
Please ensure that you address each selection criteria separately,
clearly indicating the criteria you are addressing. Provide details
about how you meet each criteria ~ providing an example of how you
can prove that you meet the criteria is recommended.
Orange City Council
Your resume provides additional information for the selection panel. Here
you should include:
Education credentials (attaching copies of any qualifications relevant to
the selection criteria)
Employment history in chronological order, with most recent position
first. Details should include company, title, period of employment and
brief summary of key responsibilities.
Referees - you should include the contact details of at least two recent
work related referees (name, position title, daytime contact number).
You are required to advise your referees of the position you are seeking
and obtain their agreement to speak on your behalf. Council would
prefer one of your referees is your current supervisor.
Please ensure that no originals of certificates and other supporting
documents are provided - copies only (originals will not be automatically
returned). Council may, as part of the process, check the authenticity of
any certificates or qualifications provided.
Lodge your application by 5pm on the closing date by:
The General Manager
Orange City Council
Po Box 35
[email protected]
(ensure subject line contains the position title and container
(02) 6393 8199
Civic Centre
Corner Byng Street and Lords Place
Orange City Council
Obtain a copy of the Information Package
If you have any job related enquiries, contact the nominated person in
the advertisement.
Use each selection criterion as a heading, and address how your skills,
abilities, experience and qualifications meet the criteria.
Include a daytime contact telephone number.
Provide the names and contact details of at least two work-related
Include a copy of relevant transcripts and/or qualifications.
(applications received late will not be considered).
Please ensure that you clearly mark on both, the front of your envelope
and the 1st page of your application, the container number of the
position you are applying for.
Assume that the Selection Panel knows anything about you. A fair and
objective choice about who to interview is made from the information
you supply in your application.
Submit a generic application. Match your skills with those required of
the position, and clearly detail that information in your application.
Send in your resume without an accompanying application addressing
the selection critria. It can be difficult for the Selection Panel to extract
job specific requirements from a resume, and your ability to meet the
selection criteria may not be clearly evident in a resume format.
Include information that is irrelevant to the position.
Orange City Council
The Selection Panel has been trained in recruitment and selection
techniques and follows a structured process. All recruitment is based on
the principles of merit.
Generally the recruitment process takes about six weeks from the date the
position is first advertised to the date the position is offered (subject to
Council’s Recruitment Process is as follows:
Short listing
The Selection Panel consisting of a minimum of three members (all
trained in the recruitment process) who will assess all applications
against the selection criteria and decide who will be interviewed. A
member of Council’s Human Resources team will be part of the Panel.
It is important to remember that you are competing against other
applicants for the position. If your response to the selection criteria is
not complete, or the information against each of the Essential Criteria
is not competitive with other applicants, you may not be shortlisted
for an interview.
If there is a large response to an advertisement it may take a little
time for the Selection Panel to contact applicants for interview. Please
be patient – if you have not heard otherwise, your application is still
being considered.
If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by
You will be given approximately three days notice where possible if
you are required for an interview.
The selection Panel works as a team to recommend the most suitable
person for the job. The Convenor is a member of the Panel and is
responsible for coordinating the process.
The Panel will ask questions based on the selection criteria.
Remember to focus your answers on these criteria, take your time
and ask for clarification if you are unsure of a question. You are
welcome to prepare notes to bring with you and refer to in the
interview process.
As the interview progresses, the Panel will be making notes of your
responses to questions asked. This will assist the Panel in making a
Orange City Council
final decision. A clearly presented and well thought out answer will
also demonstrate your verbal communication skills.
For those applicants with a disability, please contact the Convenor to
discuss any particular needs or arrangements. Applicants with a
disability are welcome to request the support of an advocate where
Practical Exercises/Scenarios
For some positions, it is likely that the recruitment process will
require applicants to complete practical exercises, or scenario based
question. All appropriate equipment and tools will be provided, and
adequate time allocated to complete the task.
Reference Checks and other Checks
As part of the Recruitment Process, a reference check will be carried
out on the recommended applicant.
Please make sure that your referee details are current and the
referee is aware you are applying for the position.
Council may also choose to check the authenticity of certificates and
Council will need to verify the applicant’s identification, so bring a
form of photo identification with you to the interview.
Working with Children Check
For some positions it is an offence under the NSW Child Protection
(Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 (the Act) for a person convicted of
a serious offence involving children to apply for or perform the job.
This will be stated in the position description if it is a requirement and
a reference to this will appear in the position advertisement.
After the interview you will be required to give consent for a Working
with Children Check to be completed. In this case you will be required
to complete and sign an Applicant Declaration and Consent form. You
will also be required to provide 100 points of identification for the
check to be completed. The Convenor talk to you about what
documents you will be required to bring with you for the identification
requirement when they speak with you to arrange your interview.
Employment is conditional on satisfactory checks being completed
and you not being indentified as a prohibited person under the Act.
Orange City Council
Medical, Functional and Hearing Tests
Any applicant selected to progress to the next stage will be required
to undergo a pre-employment functional assessment and hearing
assessment at Council’s expense, with Council’s nominated provider.
Functional assessments involve assessing a candidate’s physical
capability to perform the required tasks.
Recommending an Applicant
Following successful completion of the relevant checks and tests, the
Selection Panel will recommend to the General Manager a particular
applicant to be appointed to the position.
The Convenor of the Panel will contact the successful applicant with
an offer of employment.
Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by mail and can contact the
Convenor to discuss ways to improve their application or interview
performance in the future.
Orange City Council, as part of the recruitment process, will be collecting
information about you. This information is private information for the
purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act. This
information will be included in the recruitment file, and will be read by
Council’s Records Staff, and members of the Selection Panel. Applicants
may request their information be returned to them at the conclusion of the
recruitment process. Unsuccessful applicants may request to have their
information returned to them at the conclusion of the recruitment process.
If you are successful in your application you will be placed on a
probationary period a minimum of three months. During the probationary
period reviews will be carried out by your Supervisor and you will be given
feedback on your work performance. If your performance during the
probationary period is satisfactory your appointment will be confirmed at
the completion of three months.
If there are any areas to be further developed, the probationary period
may be extended.
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