Monitoring forests * Stakeholder Dialogue session presenters

Monitoring forests – Stakeholder Dialogue session presenters
Prof. Peter Kanowski
Session Chair
Professor of Forestry, Fenner School of Environment & Society
Peter's role involves research and teaching focused on forest and environmental policy; sustainability; and
community engagement on forest-related issues. Peter’s distinguished career in forest management and
research has included two years as a Deputy Director General at the Center for International Forestry Research
(CIFOR). Peter holds a B.SC. (Hons) in forestry, and Ph.D. in forest genetics from Oxford.
Crystal Davis
Global Forest Watch
Director, Global Forest Watch, World Resources Institute (WRI)
Crystal works with companies, governments, and civil society organizations to utilise better information
about forests to mobilise more effective, rights-based conservation and sustainable management. She has
previously worked on strengthening forest governance in Brazil, Indonesia, and Cameroon. Crystal holds an
M.S. in Earth Systems Science from Stanford University.
Dr Haruni Krisnawati
Indonesian National Carbon Accounting System (INCAS)
Senior Researcher, Forestry Research and Development Agency (Indonesia)
Haruni leads the development and operation of technical components of the INCAS, including the biomass
component, integration of remote sensing through carbon models and emissions estimation products. She has
published over 50 research papers on topics including forest biometrics, carbon accounting, and growth and
yield modeling. Haruni holds a Ph.D. from the School of Forest and Ecosystem Science at the University of
Melbourne and a Bachelor degree from the Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University.
Jackson Kimani
System for Land-based Emissions Estimation in Kenya (SLEEK)
Regional Director (Africa), Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI)
Jackson leads the CCI’s programs in East Africa, which initiate joint planning with governments, communities
and NGOs to develop national measurement, verification and reporting (MRV) systems. This includes oversight
for the SLEEK program, run by the Government of Kenya with support from the Australian Government. He
holds an MBA and an Economics degree from the University of Wisconsin.
Dr Carly Green
Methods and Guidance Portal
Methods and Guidance Component Manager, Environmental Accounting Services
Carly is Australia’s Methods and Guidance component manager for the Global Forest Observations Initiative.
She applies her practical experience in REDD+ countries to improve outreach and guidance materials. Carly
holds a Ph.D. in Environmental and Biological Science from University College Dublin and a B.E. (Hons) in
Environmental Engineering from Monash University.
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