Latin I Syllabus 2016-2016

Shelly McCormick-Lane—Clear Creek I. S. D., Clear Lake High School: Latin 1 Syllabus
Latin 1 Pre-AP Syllabus
Shelly McCormick-Lane
CLHS 610
[email protected]
Course Objectives:
The course is designed to provide students an introductory survey of Latin syntax and basic sentence structure.
Students will develop their abilities to translate elementary Latin prose from level-appropriate texts as literally as
possible, to read, comprehend, and analyze seen and unseen passages, and to understand and appreciate Roman
historical, cultural, and literary context of those texts. Students will develop their knowledge of Latin vocabulary as
well as English vocabulary from Latin roots.
Students are responsible for keeping notes in this class. Students are expected to bring their laptops or BYOD
devices fully charged to school each day. Please understand that you will be unable to fully participate in class
without an electronic device, and CELL PHONES WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED ACCEPTABLE DEVICES in this class.
Please have one composition notebook as well for translations which will be graded separately (I have some old
ones available in the room if you don’t want to buy a new one). Several times a week the student will be asked to
read aloud and translate for the class part of an assigned passage. Each passage will be reviewed in conjunction
with comprehension and analysis activities. With appropriate assistance, students are responsible for learning and
maintaining unfamiliar Latin vocabulary as it is encountered in the texts. Students are asked always to consider the
context and cultural implications of the assigned readings in modern and ancient terms.
Latin 1 Pre-AP students will be participating in a CCISD pilot program basing curricular decisions on proficiency
levels. Students will be given a Linguafolio online account to monitor their own progress in learning Latin. We
don’t exactly know how this will work or what it is going to look like, and we are all going to learn this program
together! An electronic device other than a cell phone is essential to participate in this program.
 5% Reading—Students will answer English passage based questions in an open-ended response format,
usually on some aspect of Roman history, culture, or literature.
 45% Daily—Students’ individual work on class objectives will be assessed (homework, quizzes, daily work,
 50% Major—Students’ knowledge and skills will be assessed on tests, exams, and research projects. There
will be a minimum of three major grades per nine week period.
Text and Materials:
 Class Materials distributed by the teacher
 Textbooks for which students will be given online access.
o Pope, Stephanie, Revision Team, et al. Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1. 4th. New York, NY:
Cambridge University Press, 2001. Print.
o Pope, Stephanie, Revision Team, et al. Cambridge Latin Course Unit 2. 4th. New York, NY:
Cambridge University Press, 2001. Print.
Shelly McCormick-Lane—Clear Creek I. S. D., Clear Lake High School: Latin 1 Syllabus
Students are encouraged to sit for the National Latin Exam. The cost of this exam is $6, unless the student is a
member of the Latin Club, in which case the cost for the exam is included in your club membership dues. Please do
not allow cost to determine participation in this exam – there is some scholarship money available for financial
hardship. The due date for this money is December 1. Students have the possibility of winning awards on this
exam, depending on their performance.
Please sign up for my Remind texting service. Text @941b3 to (469) 208-6607 OR visit the link and you will receive reminders for upcoming tests, projects, major quizzes, etc. This
is available to both parents and students. Due dates for assessments will always be posted on my web page, in my
classroom, and I will often send out a Remind reminder. If you are absent the day of an assessment you will take it
upon your return, in accordance with district policy.
Please become accustomed to accessing my webpage for important information. I tend to keep the Google
calendar fairly well updated, have copies of most handouts there, and other information that students will need to
be successful in Latin! The CCISD syllabus can be found there as well, under Latin I information.
Students who are present when an assignment or test / quiz is assigned but is absent the date of the assessment
will be required to submit the work or take the test upon the day they return to class. Students absent the day
before a quiz or test will take it when it is administered – these are always posted in plenty of time on the Google
calendar and in the classroom. Any work handed in late is subject to a reduced grade, and work more than three
days late may be subject to a grade of 0.
School rules are strictly enforced in room 610. Cell phones are not allowed at any time – any confiscated cell
phone will be turned in to the appropriate AP. Dress code compliance is firmly imposed – you are here to learn, I
expect you to dress like it. Students will follow all aspects of the CCISD Honor Code. In other words, don’t cheat. A
grade of zero will be awarded for any infraction, as well as a referral to the assistant principal. If you are tardy you
MUST get a tardy pass from the tardy station located in the 700 hallway, or from the library. Please remember that
any laptops that have been deployed to you are tools, not toys. If students are told “Hands Up!”, then it is
expected that all students will immediately remove their hands from any keyboards, mice, etc., attached to their
keyboards, so that the teacher may check that all students are on task. Any student not complying immediately will
be assumed to be in non-compliance and not on task. Any student not on task will be subject to disciplinary action.
Thanks for signing up for Latin! Time travelling is going to be terrific this year!
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