word - Briggs Animal Adoption Center

Spay Today
PO Box 340
Charles Town, WV 25414
Big Spring Animal Hospital
Martinsburg, WV
**You pay Spay Today at the time of setting an appointment; this may be done by mail, in
person, or over the phone with a credit card. We are not able to take payment over the internet.
Administration fee: (required with each payment) ……………………..…………..$5
(Please circle procedure(s) requesting)
Cats: must be 4 mo +
Female Spay ** pain meds included
Rabies required
Feline Distemper (Set of 2)
Dogs: ** must be 4 mo +
Female Spay (under 20 lbs)
Female Spay (21 – 40 lbs)
Female Spay (41 - 60 lbs)
Female Spay (61 – 80 lbs)
Female Spay (81 + lbs)
$170 + $1 per lb over 80 lbs
Example- 85 lb = $170 + $5= $175
Rabies required
Bordetella (set of 2)
Fecal Test outside lab
Male Neuter pain meds included
Combo Test
Feline Leukemia Vacc. (Set of 2)
All surgeries include pain meds and e-collar to
go home with.
+$1 per
Male Neuter (under 20 lbs)
Male Neuter (21 – 40 lbs)
Male Neuter (41 - 60 lbs)
Male Neuter (61 – 80 lbs)
Male Neuter (81 + lbs)
$144 + $1 per lb over 80 lbs
Example- 85 lb = $144 + $5= $149
DA2PP (set of 2)
Leptospirosis (strongly recommended)
$144 +
$1 per
(set of 2)
Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork strongly recommended
Microchip (includes registration)
Lyme Vaccination (set of 2)
Fecal Test outside lab
IV Fluids
** Extra charges if in heat or pregnant—All surgeries include pain meds and e-collar to go home with.
Required Information:
Name: _________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: _______________________
Work Phone: ___________________________
Required Pet Information: Name: _______________________________
Breed (Dog): _________________________
Age: _________
Color: _________________________________
Breed (Cat) Hair Length (Circle one): Short - Medium – Long Weight (Dog only):____________
My pet is up-to-date on rabies (Must provide certificate at drop off).
Payment information:
Make payable to: Spay Today
Total of procedure(s) requested: $__________
One time Administrative Fee:
+ 5.00
Total amount due:
$ _________
Drivers License Number
(if paying by check)
To set an appointment you may come in person to Briggs Animal Adoption Center, mail payment and information or
call Spay Today and schedule over the phone with a credit card. You pay Spay Today, we set the appointment and
we will go over the pre-surgery instructions with you.
Big Spring Animal Hospital
2279 Winchester Ave.
Martinsburg, WV 25401
Pre-Surgery Instructions:
No food after 8:00 pm the night before surgery. Water is
Drop off time is between 8:00 – 9:00 am. All clients will be required to speak with a
technician at the time of drop off; this will take approximately 15 minutes.
All cats must be in carriers; all dogs must be on a leash.
If the cat or dog is in heat, pregnant or weighs more than originally described, you
must pay the hospital the difference when your pet goes home.
Surgeries done Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.
They close at 12pm on Thursdays
You are responsible to pay the hospital for anything done that is not covered on the
Geriatric pre-surgery blood work is available (not required) and costs $103.00 payable
to Big Spring.
To reschedule or cancel any appointment, call Big Spring @ 304-267-2909; then call
Spay Today @ 304-728-8330 with the new surgery date.
A valid rabies certificate must be presented at drop off if the rabies vaccination is not
purchased from Big Spring. Double-vaccination will not harm a pet, but is an added
expense not necessary if owner complies.
They like cats to be 4 mos or 4 lbs.
Dogs $1 per pound added to the price for over 80 lbs.
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