Spay Today
PO Box 340
Charles Town, WV 25414
Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates
Purcellville, VA
Dogs and Cat form
**You pay Spay Today at the time of setting an appointment; this may be done by mail, in person, or
over the phone with a credit card. We are not able to take payment over the internet.
Administration fee: (required with each payment) ……………………..…………..$5
**client may possibly be charged for an e-collar and/or antibiotics and pain meds– if the doctor feels it is needed. This is
separate from the ST pricing and will have to be paid out of pocket. Patients typically go home the same night, however if
the vet wants to keep the pet overnight due to a slow recovery or other extenuating circumstances, the owner must pay
the additional fee.
(Please circle procedure(s) requesting)
Cats: must be 3 mo +
Exam Fee (required for all visits)
Female Spay **
Rabies (required)
Fecal Test
Feline Leuk Vaccination (each)
Male Neuter
Feline Distemper (each) (required)
Leuk/FIV/Heartworm Test
***Sick visit (reg. hours)
Dogs: must be 3 mo +
Exam Fee (required for all visits)
Female Spay (under 20 lbs)
Female Spay (21 – 40 lbs)
Female Spay (41 - 60 lbs)
Female Spay (61 – 80 lbs)
Female Spay (81 - 100 lbs)
Female Spay (101 lbs +)
Male Neuter (under 20 lbs)
Male Neuter (21 – 40 lbs)
Male Neuter (41 - 60 lbs)
Male Neuter (61 – 80 lbs)
Male Neuter (81 - 100 lbs)
Male Neuter (101 lbs +)
Distemper (DHPPCV) EACH
***Pets must be spayed or neutered to
qualify for sick visit.
Bordetella (each)
Leptospira Vaccination
Lyme Vaccination
Pre-surgical bloodwork recommended
* In heat, pregnant, obese, cryptorchid = additional
Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia Test***
Fecal Test***
Microchip with registration
Urinalysis(in house)
charge payable to BRVA * * Other procedures offered at a discount, please call Spay Today for more information .
***Don’t need office exam if client is ONLY getting heartworm test and/or fecal test.
Required Information:
Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: _____________________________________
Required Pet Information:
Work Phone: ____________________________________________
Name: ____________________________________________
Age: ________________________
Breed (Dog): _______________________________________
Color: _________________________________________________
Breed (Cat) Hair Length (Circle one): Short - Medium – Long
Weight (Dog only):____________
My pet is up-to-date on rabies (Must provide certificate at drop off).
My pet is up-to-date on distemper (Must provide certificate at drop off).
Payment information:
Make payable to: Spay Today
Total of procedure(s) requested: $__________
One time Administrative Fee:
+ 5.00
Total amount due:
$ _________
Drivers License Number
(if paying by check)
Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates
120 East
Cornwell Lane
Purcellville, VA 20132
Ph (540) 338-7387
Pre-Surgery Instructions
No food after midnight the night before surgery.
Do not withhold water prior to surgery.
Vouchers, if applicable, must accompany pet at time of drop off. NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS
A Spay Today representative emails the voucher directly to BRVA.
Drop off is between 7:00am and 9am.
Cats must be in carriers and dogs must be on a leash.
BRVA is recommending no more than 3 vaccinations per visit. Doctors discretion as to
how many on a small dog. They will need office visit with visit.
If cat or dog is pregnant, in heat, recently whelped, or if a dog weighs more than voucher
states, owner must pay the difference at BRVA at time pet is released. Additional fees apply
for cryptorchid males and obese patients as well. The charge is usually $85 for rescue patients
($250 regular price). This fee can be paid directly to BRVA,
Animals over 8 yrs of age BRVA strongly recommends pre-surgical bloodwork.
For your convenience, pets may be dropped off between 7pm and 9pm the evening before
surgery for half-of-a-technician inpatient care charge. This fee can be paid directly to BRVA,
and does not need to be included on a voucher. Animals must be current on Rabies and
Distemper vaccines to be admitted overnight in our treatment/recovery area, or vaccines will
be administered. Bordetella is strongly recommended. Owner must present voucher for all
vaccines, or will be charged full price for them.
Pets should be picked between 7pm and 9pm. Rescue surgeries are performed early in the
day, so pets are likely to be recovered enough for release by 6pm. However, please call to be
sure pet is ready to be released if you haven’t already heard a progress report from our patient
advocate team. Records will be ready by 6pm, however, leaving pet in-hospital until later will
allow Veterinarian to observe for a more optimum time.
If a patient stays overnight due to slow recovery or owner chooses to keep patient for
observation and/or confinement, a technician inpatient charge, currently $32.50, will apply for
each night. Three days post-surgery, a fully vaccinated animal can usually be released from
technician care to boarding; lower rates may apply.
Check vouchers for expiration dates. They are not replaceable, treat vouchers as you would
If rabies vaccine is not purchased from BRVA, a valid rabies certificate must be presented to
Veterinarian at time of hospitalization or else another vaccine must be given by BRVA and
billed to owner. Double-vaccination will not be harmful to pet, but is an added expense not
necessary if owner complies.
Pets’ nails will be trimmed while under sedation at no charge to owner. If this service is not
desired, please ask check-in receptionist to note file accordingly.
A new-client information sheet will be presented for owners of pets to fill out and sign. Please
ask them to allow a few minutes at drop-off time to complete.
E-Collars (to prevent licking/chewing), antibiotics, and/or pain injections may be prescribed
post-surgery, and are not included in cost. Rescue pricing may apply, payable to BRVA.
BRVA will spay pigs. Pigs must be weaned before scheduling surgery. A special voucher may
be purchased at the following cost:
Exam fee
Under 25 lbs
25.1 lbs & over
Exam fee
Under 25 lbs
25.1 lbs & over
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