Mental Health Resources for Students (Word)

Counseling and Psychological Services
Counseling and Psychological Services is committed to creating an environment based on our
values of multicultural, multi-disciplinary and multi-theoretical practices that allow our diverse student
body to access care, receive high quality services and take positive pathways to mental health. We
also strive to find creative ways of reaching out to students and the UM community to nurture and
develop a proactive, renewed sense of engagement throughout the campus.
Mental Health Resources for Students
The University's commitment to diversity and inclusiveness extends to students who have mental health concerns. The
University is committed to the academic success, personal development and general health of all students. We want you to be
successful and well. If you have mental health concerns, call or visit one of the following offices for confidential support. The
following offices have experience working with the diversity of students represented in our student body.
Campus Mindworks:
The Campus Mind Works website was created to support University of Michigan students who have been diagnosed with a
mental health disorder, as well as students who are looking for strategies to maintain positive mental health – to help all
students to stay healthy and get the most out of their college experience.
Managing Student Mental and Emotional Concerns (Rackham):
Faculty and staff members are often on the front line in dealing with student concerns. These concerns may include problems
with scholarly work, difficulties with advisors, other faculty or staff, disruptive behavior or personal concerns including
depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship/financial problems, and other emotional issues. The desired outcome in
managing graduate student mental and emotional health concerns is to fashion an individualized approach that supports the
student's continued and successful enrollment and that does not compromise the health and safety of the campus community.
Toward that end, this resource is intended to serve as a practical guide for use by department and program leadership in
preparation for and management of situations involving students in need.
MiTalk offers you mental health resources like online screenings for depression and anxiety, skill-building tools to help you
manage stress and academic life, and multimedia workshops, lectures, and amazing relaxation exercises to play or download.