Biology Lesson Plan 11 (15

Lesson plans for the week of:Nov 9-13 Subject: Biology 1 Teacher: Givins
Unit of Study: Heredity and Inheritance
Daily Topics
Monday: Chapter 10 and 11 - Heredity
Tuesday: Chapter 10 and 11 - Heredity
Wednesday: Chapter 10 and 11 - Heredity
Thursday: Chapter 10 and 11 - Heredity
Friday: Chapter 10-11 - Genetics and Inheritance
In Class: (readings, activities, labs, projects, notes, homework, etc.)
Monday: Bellringer; Practice EOC and SLO test; Worksheet on Basic Genetics and the Punnett Square
Tuesday: kahoot! To review vocabulary, Notes on Laws of Heredity, Pedigrees, Sex-linked traits, incomplete
Wednesday: Quiz on Genetics and Heredity; Notes on Blood types, Genetic Disorders
Thursday: Genetics Research
Friday: Genetics research
What’s Next?
Homework: Study notes for test on Tuesday of next week!
Tests/Quizzes: Test on Tuesday of next week.
Projects: None
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