Curriculum Map year 2 spring Term

Year Group:
Class Teacher:
Mrs Baigent
Spring 1
Spring 2
Unit Title: Fantastic Florence
Unit Title: The Great Fire of London
(Florence Nightingale)
Entry point: Children received a letter explaining the class need to
Entry point: Children will be stepping back in time to 1666 for a themed
go back in time to the Crimean War
Great Fire of London day.
Visit to the library to explore the difference between fiction and nonfiction
Exit point: To make our own museum of Florence Nightingale for
Exit point: Children will act out the Great Fire of London, taking on the roles
families to visit
of different people within the story.
Outcome: To individually contribute work to the museum and
Outcome: To gain an insight into the effects of The Great Fire of
develop their understanding of the life and times of Florence
London and how it has effected history by independently generating
Nightingale and her impact on modern day nursing
questions and researching answers. To develop an understanding of
the effects of fire.
Key Text:
Key Text:
Non Fiction: Creating an
Non-Fiction writing: Newspaper
information text about Florence
Harry goes to hospital
reports on the Great Fire of
The Great Fire of London
Non-fiction books about
London (non chronological
Fiction: Focus on the
Florence Nightingale and her life
Extracts from Samuel Pepys Diary
comparison between the two
Writing fire safety instructions.
text types (links to library visit)
Poetry: Write poems that use
Writing narrative diaries
rhyme, pattern and description
Reading: Visiting the school and
Reading: Learn some poems by
UNCRC Article(s):
UNCRC Article(s):
local library
Communication: Through
Communication: Speak to small
Article 38: You have the right to
Article 13: The right to find things
reading identify vocabulary that
and larger audiences
protection and freedom from
out and share information
enriches and enlivens stories
war, children under 15 cannot be
forced to go into the army and
Use language to describe position,
take part in war
Article 19: The right to not be hurt
Use and apply mathematics bin
direction and movement
(role of fire fighters –P4C link)
everyday activities across the
Add and subtract using mental and
Key skill: to develop
formal written methods in a
independence and the ability to
Handle data in practical contexts
practical context
make discoveries and represent
their findings as they chose.
P4C Stimuli:
Animals and humans –
Light – exploring light and
P4C Stimuli:
considering growth, basic needs,
Communication: Debate issues and
exercise, food and hygienic
Communication: To learn a wide
Communication: Debate issues
formulate well-constructed points
range of subject specific
and formulate well-constructed
Pupils to generate their own
Communication: To learn a wide
questions about the Great Fire of
range of subject specific
Knowledge and Understanding of
Using the question ladder as a
the World:
Using the question ladder as a
Knowledge and Understanding
History: Consider key events in the
of the World:
past that are significant nationally.
History: Consider the lives of
Key Questions:
Key Questions:
significant individuals in Britain’s
What impact did Florence have
How did the Great Fire of London
past who have contributed to our on the lives of others?
Exploring countries and capitals of
nations achievements
the United Kingdom
What made her become a
Why did the Great Fire of London
We will explore how London has
spread so far?
changed over time, in particular
How would you compare life
What would happen if the fire was
Use maps and a globe to locate
thinking about the River Thames at put out sooner?
during the time of Florence
the journey of Florence
the time of the Fire of London and
Nightingale and life nowadays?
How do we know about the fire?
the River Thames now.
ICT: We will be photographers
ICT: We will be games testers and
explore how computer games work
PDL: Caring for others
Autumn term – visit from the fire
SEAL: Going for goals
PDL: Taking Charge
Invite parents in to visit the Oak
Class Museum, show casing
Creative Development/DT:
SEAL: Safety and Independence
their excellent work
Discussing use of shadows and
using light and dark in our art
Creative Development/DT: Oak
Visit from a local nurse to talk
work. Make a lamp similar to
class will be making their own fire
about health care today
that of Florence Nightingale.
collage using various different
materials. We will be designing
Autumn Term: visit from the
and building 3D house to place in
ambulance crew-make links
Concept – Remembering
our fire display. We will also be
baking bread and cakes from
Visit the local library to consider
pudding lane.Finally, we will
the difference between fiction
Dance: Shadows (create
design a hose pipe that could be
and non-fiction texts
movements in response to the
used to help put a fire out.
R.E. Water (Hindu/Christian)
Games: Throwing and catching
Gym: Twisting, turning, spinning
MFL: colours
Games: Group games and
inventing rules (Chelsea)
Music: Percussion
MFL: Buildings in London
Music: Tuned percussion