Why study in Florence? - Sacramento City College

Florence Spring Semester 2015
January 2015 to April 2015
In cooperation with the American
Institute for Foreign Study
• Meet people from
across the world
• Experience culture
other than your
• Earn transferable
college credit with
your own U.S.
• It’s the birthplace of
the Italian
• History awaits you
around every corner
• Other European
cities are within easy
train rides!
• It’s considered one of
the most beautiful
and cities in Italy
• Works by
Donatello, Raphael,
Michelangelo, and
Botticelli are
scattered through 70
museums in the city
• The city itself has
Classical, Medieval,
and Renaissance
buildings—still in use
• Florentines are open
and friendly
• The city is historic,
fun, and safe!
• Tuscan food and
wine is amazing
• Classes are held in the Peruzzi
Center and also at the ABC
language school
• Ideally located near Piazza Santa
Croce only blocks from the center of
Florence and the Florence Duomo
• The Center has friendly and helpful
English-speaking staff
• Classes meet in traditional
classrooms with modern facilities
Peruzzi center
• Other services offered at the
• Free wireless connection in the
study center during class hours
• Cultural events (cooking classes,
Florence Duomo
(Historic City Center)
wine tasting, performing arts, and
film nights)
• Local Info (such as banking,
sports, and shopping)
Peruzzi Center and ABC
Language Institute
• Travel suggestions (Italy & other
areas in Europe)
• Research
• and 24 hour emergency contact
Classes will include:
ANTH 310 (Cultural Anthropology) — an introduction to the
ANTH 320 (Archeology and World Prehistory)– an
various customs, traditions, and forms of social organization around the world.
introduction to the theories, concepts, and methods employed by the
archaeologist in the study of human history and pre-history
ANTH 331 (The Anthropology of Religion – a cross-cultural
study of the forms and functions of supernatural beliefs and associated
rituals in traditional societies
•ENGL 161: Creative Writing
•LIT 151: Shakespeare
•LIT 220: Intro to World Literature)
•PSYC 200: Life Span Development
•PSYC 220: Psychology of Personality: Personal, Social, Cultural Differences
•PSYC 225: Social Psychology
•HIST 4.1: History of Western Civilization to 1648 C.E.
•HIST 4.2: History of Western Civilization from 1648 C.E.
•HIST 21: Race, Ethnicity and Gender in American Culture
• All courses taught in English
• Four instructors from
Northern California
• You must take 12 units, and
at least one class must be
from your home college
• You must sign up for the
Italian Language, Life and
Culture class
• Most courses fulfill GE
• This course is taught by
guest lecturers to
introduce you to
different aspects of
Italian life and culture.
• Typically 6 lectures
about a variety of
subjects (contemporary
history, sports, music,
• 6 visits to museums and
 Cooking Classes
 Wine Tasting
 Soccer matches
 Trips to Pisa, San
Gimigiano and
 Semester Cost: based on 2014 -- $7695
 Includes all the following:
Pre-Orientation in California and Program
orientation in Florence
Cultural workshops & tours and Museum Pass
for Florence
Study Center & classrooms with free wireless
24 hour emergency phone service
Medical and Refund insurance
 Does not include airfare or optional
trips BUT costs can be funded with
Financial Aid AND
Some scholarships are available!
• We fly from San
Francisco to Florence,
met by AIFS Staff
• Day 1 in Florence
Morning Orientation
meeting with staff.
• Afternoon professional
guided tour of Florence
• Day 2: settling in to
your apartment
• Students are assigned
apartments, usually four to a
two bedroom (each bedroom
has two twin beds), in the
historic city center
• Each apartment is fully
furnished, with a well-equipped
• A meal voucher (for 30 meals) is
also available for an extra fee
• Exchange the vouchers for
lunch or dinner in a selection of
Typical student apartmentrestaurants around the center of
 Medical insurance is included
in the program fee for all
 Covers students for one
month after the end of the
 Pre-existing conditions and
dental are not covered
 Medical upgrade and personal
effects insurance also available
Optional European Pre-Tour
Visit Paris and London!
PLEASE NOTE: There is a European internal flight on the tour and
therefore students are strongly advised to sign up for the AIFS flight
package so they do not have to organize this themselves
Optional Trips While in
Trip to Rome: Three Days/Two nights, approximately 300 Euro [Hotel and
transportation included]
Trip to Sorento (including Capri, Naples and Pompeii): 3 days/Two nights,
approximately 350 Euro [Hotels and transportation included]
 For Additional info:
(click to follow link)
 For Financial Aid : Study
Abroad Funding (click to follow
 Questions not answered?:
[email protected] or
call (916) 484-8266 and
ask for Patrice!
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSCpjVmy53E
 www.scc.losrios.edu/x95814.xml