Fussy eating in small children
Clear and realistic expectations for parents and
Live webinar: Friday, February 14, 9am to 10am AEDT
Evelyn Volders, BSc (Monash and Deakin), Grad
Dip Diet (Deakin), IBCLC, Grad Dip Higher Ed, Adv
The presentation will cover:
-Normal feeding development
-Nutrient requirements in toddlers
-What is fussy eating?
-When is fussy eating a problem?
-Strategies to deal with the fussy eater
Watching this presentation and completing the assessment may contribute towards
assessable Continuing Professional Development points.
About the presenter
Evelyn Volders is the course convenor for the Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics at Monash
University and also works in private practice. For many years she worked as a clinical
specialist paediatric dietitian at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. She has a particular
interest in breastfeeding and has qualified as a lactation consultant. Other areas of interest
include optimal nutrition for infants and children, and nutrition management of cystic fibrosis.
She previously co-ordinated the RCH specialist paediatric course for dietitians and now
coordinates an online short course, Introduction to Paediatric Dietetics, at Monash University.
She has had extensive experience as a clinical teacher, presents widely on paediatric nutrition
topics and has recently contributed a chapter on toddler nutrition for nutrition textbook Food
and Nutrition Throughout Life (in print)
Registration includes
Access to the live webinar or a recording of the webinar
Presentation notes
Multiple-choice questions and answers
Suggested further reading
Registration types
Live webinar: $50 to watch the webinar live
Recording: $38 to receive via post a DVD recording of the webinar, and associated
Subscription: $33 monthly to receive all Education in Nutrition recordings
Register @ www.educationinnutrition.com.au
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