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The Manager’s Toolkit
Intensive Staff Education and Development Program for Managers/ Fall Series
All (10) sessions are once a week, Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. A one-hour orientation to the program and 360°
assessment overview will be conducted on Sept. 10th, 2015 at the UCSD Training Center North facility.
The Manager's Toolkit presents participants with a variety of key management principles and theories in practical terms they can
use to gain insights to their management skills and attitudes on the job. The program exposes employees to common managerial
situations and includes a 360° feedback assessment. The feedback provided from the assessment is used to inform the creation of
an individual development plan and allow further development in a “safe” setting. Facilitated by Lead Instructor and team of SMEs.
Pre-Program Required Orientation Session 9/10/15, Location:
TCN,11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. w/Locke Epsten
Team Development 10/8/2015, #115, w/Rich Mayhew
 Explore characteristics of high performance teams
 Learn the fundamentals of building successful teams
 Learn the stages of team development
 Learn about your role in leading teams
 Capture best team development practices via interactive
exercises and simulation
Customer Centered Workplaces 10/15/15, #115, w/Cath
 Assess “how are we doing” with both our inside and outside
 Utilize the Mind Map Tool
 Prioritize target areas to tune up
 Experience how leader styles affect team productivity
Management Style 10/22/15, #115, w/Rich Mayhew
 Receive feedback on a matrix of skill sets in managing
projects and processes; leading people and influencing the
 Understand how some management styles are more
appropriate than others in different situations
 Discuss Management vs. Leadership
 Conduct leadership exercise
Motivation and Fostering Peak Performance 10/29/15, #115,
w/Greg Goates
 Learn principles of performance management
 Understand what motivates employees and how to recognize
 Learn how to give feedback and reward performance
 Learn when and how to coach employees toward peak
Personal Growth 11/5/15, #309, w/Rich Mayhew
 Apply SMART model to improving performance as outlined in
the feedback reports
 Discuss key leadership competencies
 Coach and be coached in developing more effective
management behaviors
 Create individual goals and personal action plans for change
UC San Diego Extension, University City Center, Classroom
#115/#309, 6256 Greenwich Drive, San Diego, CA 92122
Building an Innovative Culture 11/12/15, #115, w/Greg
 Take an innovation skills self-assessment
 Understand the dynamics of innovation, possibility thinking,
creativity and culture
 Learn tools and tips for capturing and implementing an
innovative culture
 Effectively managing organizational change
Stressful Communication 11/19/15, #115, w/Byron Hanchett
 Evaluate your conflict resolution style
 Create options for tough situations
 Reduce stress through mindfulness
 Improve self-respect & integrity
 Build better relationships
 Give and receive constructive feedback
Problem Solving 12/3/15, #115, w/Rich Mayhew
 Identify if an actual problem exists and define it
 Use a validated problem solving process to find the
problem’s true cause
 Identify alternatives to eliminate the cause
 Problem solving tool overview
Closing the Gap of Generation and Gender 12/10/15, #115,
w/Christine DiDonato
 Understand the changing dynamics of the workplace
 Assess their “Influencer IQ” in the changing workplace
 Move beyond generational stereotypes and understand the
real data behind the newest generations in the workplace
 Identify simple strategies to influence and innovate in the
changing workplace
Leading and Facilitating Teams (Closing Session) 12/17/15,
#115 w/Rich Mayhew
 Learn what makes an effective team leader
 Develop facilitation skills and create a community of
 Review of progress of 360 goals
 Leverage your team’s skills and talents
 Create a motivating & engaging environment
Darlene Hammon /(858) 534-9151/[email protected]/
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