1.3 Worksheet #2 Skew Lines and Parallel Planes

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1.3 Worksheet #2
Skew Lines and Parallel Planes
In the diagram, name all segments shown that are skew to the given segment.
1. 𝐴𝐢
2. Μ…Μ…Μ…Μ…
3. 𝐴𝐷
Use the diagram above to name a pair of figures to match each description.
4. Parallel planes
Use the figure at the right to name the following.
6. Two lines that are skew to ⃑𝐸𝐽
7. All lines that are parallel to plane JFAE
Describe the following statement as true or false. If false, explain.
8. Plane AED βˆ₯ plane FGH _________________
9. Plane ABH βˆ₯ plane CDF _________________
⃑ and 𝐻𝐺
⃑ are skew lines _________________
10. 𝐴𝐡
⃑ are skew lines _________________
11. ⃑𝐴𝐸 and 𝐡𝐢
12. ⃑𝐢𝐺 and ⃑𝐴𝐼 are skew lines _________________
⃑ and 𝐴𝐽
⃑ are skew lines _________________
13. 𝐢𝐹
5. A line and a plane that are parallel
Use the following diagram to answer questions 14-16.
14. How many labeled segments are in the figure above?
a. 1
b. 4
c. 6
d. 10
c. 𝐡𝐴
d. 𝐴𝐡
c. 𝐢𝐸
d. 𝐷𝐢
15. Which ray is opposite 𝐡𝐢 ?
a. 𝐡𝐸
b. 𝐡𝐷
16. What is another name for 𝐢𝐴?
a. 𝐴𝐢
b. 𝐢𝐡
17. Which figure could be the intersection of two planes?
a. Line
b. ray
c. point
d. segment