Optional preparation assignment for 3D GeoGebra.
You can use these exercises to familiarize yourself with the various tools and techniques you will need to
complete the chapter 7&8 assignment.
In the 3D graphic view….
Use the point tool and plot a point. You need to place it in the xy plane first and then move it to
the z coordinate you want when you see the gray up and down arrows. Drag it around using the
move tool. When you click on the point you see gray arrows either in the z or the xy directions.
Click again if you do not see the arrows in the direction you want to move. Try it.
Use the line tool to construct a line that is not parallel to any of the xyz-axes. Rotate and turn the
view to look at it from several perspectives. Construct skew lines. Twirl the perspective around to
look at the lines and see that they are really skew.
Construct a vector that is parallel to the line. (Right on the line is okay so you know it is ||.)
Construct a plane that is perpendicular to the line. Twirl it around and admire it.
Construct a vector that is normal to the plane
Construct a variety of planes that are in different arrangements.
Try the pyramid tool and some of the other 3D figure tools
Move some of the points around on the figures to see how they can be adjusted. Watch the
Algebra panel and see how the equations and coordinate change. You can adjust features
algebraically as well as dragging them around if you wish.
Change the colours of some of the lines, points and planes.
(Ignore the tools that use curved surfaces…. We don’t want to do those equations!)