Sophia D. Tornadoes - SchoolWorld an Edline Solution

August 5, 2013
Treacherous Problems; Tremendous Solution
By: Sophia Dewar #8
The biggest problem with tornadoes is that we are never prepared and we never know when it will
happen. This causes houses to be destroyed with this problem people kick buckets, lose family, and lose
home furnishings. Another disaster is that people can get mental blocks from losing family, beloved friends,
homes and their home belongings. Another horrible catastrophe about tornadoes is that they can reach
enormous sizes and cause a massive amount of damage. For example, they could be turning 100 miles per
hour, they could be up to 700,000 feet tall and they reach to 10 miles wide covering a huge space of land and
destroying hundreds of houses. Another problem is that it can pollute waters and hurt a variety of sea
animals. This is bad because sea animals are important to earth because they give us food and things we can’t
produce. The fish could mistake plastic as food and get seriously injured. You better be prepared because
tornados happen as fast as the blink of an eye. Be prepared at any time because they happen at any time
between 3 PM and 9 PM.
The solution to this horrible disaster would be to create a machine that can predict when a tornado is
going to strike so that when it does, we can be prepared for it. The way the machine would work would be
that there are balloons in the sky and they would have a secret camera to take all of the footage of the signs of
when a tornado will hit. These balloons would be connected to warning systems which would tell us where to
go and when I twill hit earth. This solution will work because it will predict when it is coming and we will be
able to prepare ourselves for the great tornado to hit.
The next solution we could make would be a warning system. We could put up sirens and when we
see signs of an upcoming tornado, the sirens will ring and we will know that a tornado is coming and will be
able to prepare and warn people that a hazardous tornado is coming and that they need to evacuate. The
warning systems will be reported on TVs around 3 PM- 9 PM to make sure everyone will know that this
horrible twister is coming up so Stay Tuned for more tornado processes! There would also be a special app
called Don’t Delay Prepare Today that would be the app that would warn people of when a tornado will hit. It
will also report to scientist’s new information of the horrible catastrophe. This is a great solution because this
could save a bunch of people from dyeing because they will have the warning system and be able to prepare
that day and not delay.
Equally important, we could have hidden air balloons in mountains so that when a tornado is about to
hit and the sirens go off; everyone will hop into one and float up above the tornado. The balloons will be
hidden up in secret tunnels in the mountains. The mountains will be all over the world at least two in each
city and each mountain will have at least 3 hot air balloons. Additionally, when you get above the tornado
there will be a helium house just in case it lasts a couple of cold, chill, dark, nights. This house will be the
honey of a bee and the sweetness of success because the house will have a moon window and will allow us to
see the glorious twinkling stars. This will work because people will be safe from the tornado and not worried
about their friends and family.
As you can see, there are many wonderful solutions to the horrible problem of tornadoes. Don’t get
into a twist, prepare you list today!