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REG-NR ____________ (To be filled in by Estonian Research Council)
The maximum length of the proposal shall not exceed 15,000 characters (with spaces)
Please use font Arial Narrow 12
1. Title of the infrastructure in Estonian
2. Title of the infrastructure in English
3. Proposer1
4. Contact person2
5. Partners of the proposal for setting up/further development of infrastructure3
6. The list of other supporters of the proposal4
7. Degree of elaboration of the proposal for the development of the infrastructure5
8. Location of the infrastructure6
9. Type of infrastructure (select 1, 2 or 3)
1 - single-sited7
2 - distributed8
3 - virtual9
10. Annotation in Estonian (max 200 characters with spaces)
It is an organization.
Researcher/manager in charge of infrastructure. Please provide the name, position and e-mail address.
3 Institution or institutions with whom the joint infrastructure will be built. Please add the support letters.
4 They may be from the same institution or from outside. Please add the support letters.
5 Please describe in which consultative or decisive bodies of the proposal making organization or partner organizations the proposal has
been supported.
6 Please indicate the city / county / or indicate if it covers the whole country or is situated abroad.
7 Single-sited – a single resource at a single location.
8 Distributed – a network of distributed resources.
9 Virtual – the service is provided electronically.
11. Annotation in English (max 200 characters with spaces)
12. Description of the current state of the infrastructure10
13. The components of the infrastructure11
14. The availability of the long-term development plan for the infrastructure12
15. The vision and development goals for the next five years
16. The conformity to the other development plans of the institution, development plans of this
area/field of science, international developmental plans (if available)
17. Links/relation to international research infrastructure objects13
18. The activities of the institutions involved in the proposal in the research area/field underlying
the infrastructure (up to now in the last five years)
19. Qualified support service personnel available
20. Graduate student’s involvement in infrastructure activities
21. The support services that are carried out presently or planned to be provider; and activities
that will assure the joint use of the infrastructure and/or addressed to the other organizations14
22. Potential users15
23. Importance of infrastructure for science
Including information about the major previous funding resources (e.g. financial support from R&D institutions, centers of excellence,
national programs, EU Framework Programme, etc.).
11 Please indicate the planned structural units of the infrastructure / labs / unique equipment, etc.
12 If available.
13 ESFRI roadmap objects, other international research infrastructures, major databases, etc.
14 If it is already an existing infrastructure.
15 Please indicate the institutions and their structural units who will use the infrastructure in the future, incl businesses and researchers from
24. The importance and impact of infrastructure for Estonia and at international level
25. Relation of infrastructure to business and industry
26. Access to the infrastructure activities for external users
27. Infrastructure management bodies and their structural units
28. Infrastructure management structure/chart
29. Estimated investment needs over the next five years (MEUR)
30. Description of the investment needs16
31. Estimated annual operating costs (MEUR/a)
32. Sustainability of infrastructure17
Name and position of
legal representative (of
the proposer)
Please describe the investment needs (mentioned in point 29) over the next five years, including membership fees in international
17 Plan of sustainability of the infrastructure after the first five years, including plans for continued financing and development.