Science Classroom Observation Checklist Teacher

Science Classroom Observation Checklist
Teacher Name_____________________________ School_____________ Grade Level_________
Date________________ Time__________Topic of Lesson___________________________________
TEK(S)______________ ELPS______________ CCRS___________________
Explicit Instruction
Well Organized Classroom
Literacy Rich Science Classroom
____Teacher states the objective/TEKS of the
____Teacher incorporates and refers to
Interactive Word Wall
____Follows the 5E science model of
____Teacher asks open-ended questions
____Teacher provides activities for students to
observe, collect data, reflect, and analyze first
hand events
____Students interact with each other on content
____Teacher causes thinking about connections
to other scientific ideas and to real world
____Teacher models the skills of scientific
____Students seek clarification of conception
____Lesson is student centered
____Lesson differentiated for special pops
____At least three varied activities
____Posts & uses rules, schedules, etc.
____Posting of Science TEKS, ELPS,
____Students routinely follow established
rules & procedures
____Smooth transitions
____Room organized and science student
created thinking maps, pictures, displays
____Seating arranged for cooperative lab
activities and interaction
____Students accountable for learning
____Room clutter free, inviting to science
____Teacher has positive interaction with
____Creates a learning environment that
results in a community of people collaborating
to make sense of scientific ideas
____Print-rich environment
____Anchor charts visible
____Interactive Word Wall up on
display with student artifacts
____Authentic reading/writing in
science observed
____Student writing in science
____Evidence of writing in science
interactive notebook
____Small group area evident
____Uses appropriate science text
____Teaches science vocabulary of
____Teacher asks students to clarify
and justify their ideas in oral and
written form
Lab Activity
____Safety rules, equipment, and symbols are
____Science Process Skills imbedded in the lab
____Students use concrete materials as models
____Students formulate questions and devise
ways to answer them
____Students follow a set procedure to answer a
question or conduct an investigation
____Students answer a question or solve a
problem using open-ended instructions
____Students use tools of science to make
accurate measurements
____Students use pictures, diagrams, tables, and
graphs to organize and interpret data.
____Students work cooperatively to make sense
of scientific ideas and solve problems
____Assessment of students for this lesson
____Assesses students’ prior knowledge
____Checks for understanding periodically
during lesson
____Checks science interactive notebook for
drawings, summary of activities, vocabulary,
writings, etc.
____Uses a ticket out to check for learning of
____Teacher made formative quiz, exam,
ticket out, etc.
____District level summative assessment
____Students are able to present and explain
solutions to their classmates
3 – 5 Observations:
What were the students doing?
What was the teacher doing? What did the teacher say?
What I heard the students say?
Things I observed which indicate that the teacher knows and responds
to the different student learning needs and modalities?
How did the teacher evaluate the learning and progress of the students?
What was the level of the questioning that was heard?
What was/were the product(s) that resulted from the lesson?
____Students use scientific tools &
technology to reason, make
connections, solve problems and
What were some instructional strategies that were used?
How did the teacher know that the students were able to learn what
was being taught?
What materials, equipment, and activities were observed as part of the
lesson to ensure that students were engaged and learning?
What tasks were students involved in? How much were they involved?
Was this a scaffolding lesson? What evidence was there?
What connections can you make with some of your course/grade
level content?
In class were learned about ________________ and today I saw this in
action when ___________.
Question stems were used to make sure that the lesson’s objective was
Examples of teaching strategies observed during the lesson
What helped make this a successful lesson?
How did the students work?
What evidence did you see that the students were learning?
What were the students able to do during the observation that indicated
they learned the content taught?
What levels of questioning/engagement were students successfully
responding to/involved in?
How much time did students pend on the lesson you observed as
interested, involved learners.
Teacher’s Signature & Date___________________________________ Observer’s Signature &