Ricardo Javier Erazo Toscano - Neuroscience Institute

Ricardo Javier Erazo Toscano
[email protected]
Curriculum Vitae
I am interested in researching and computational modeling of sensory processing and
learning. I have expertise with research methodology, computers, leadership and
teamwork, excellent oral and written communication skills, and distinctive academic
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
2020 expected graduation
First year graduate student
PhD Neuroscience candidate
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago IL
08/13 Graduated
Bachelor of Science in Psychology GPA: 3.73
Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, VA
05/11 Graduated
Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, specialization in Psychology GPA: 3.68
Illinois Institute of Technology – Presidential Scholarship
Fernando Chapa Scholarship
Illinois Institute of Technology – Dean’s List
12/11 - 05/12 - 12/12
National Society of Leadership and Success – Honors Society
Northern Virginia Community College – Dean’s List
Northern Virginia Community College – Academic Achievement Award
Phi Theta Kappa – Honors Society
Northern Virginia Community College – Presidential Scholar 12/09 – 12/10
Research and Professional Experience
Neuroscience Insitute
10/08 – Present
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
First yea graduate student
o Training in science topics: advanced neural science, biophysics,
computational modeling. Additionally, training in programing
computational tool Matlab
o Research topic: Computational hippocampal modeling of memory
University Assessment Unit
10/14 – 07/15
Consejo de Evaluación, Acreditación y Aseguramiento de la Calidad de la
Educación Superior (National Office of Accreditation of Higher Education
institutions), Quito, Ecuador.
Assessment Technician
o Tasks included organizing, planning and monitoring that
evaluation protocols are followed through appropriately.
o Training in assessment of educational environments for adults.
Learning Assessment Models Unit
03/14 – 07/14
Instituto Nacional de Evaluación Educativa (National K-12 teacher and student
learning assessment institute), Quito, Ecuador.
Learning Assessment Analyst
o Development and structuration of learning assessment models for
achievement of tests of teachers and students: 4th, 7th, 10th and
12th grade
o Test quality control
Research and adaptation of international learning
assessment methods, standards, and protocols.
MetaTutor computerized learning environment
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL
Research Assistant
01/12 – 08/13
Four semesters of experience in psychological research: influence of
metacognitive processes in computer-based learning environments, we
were interested in understanding the effectiveness of computerized agents
prompting students to regulate their own learning.
Responsibilities included:
o Participant recruiting o Data collection o Hypothesis testing o Statistical data analysis o Multiple linear regression o Bivariate correlation
Center for Research and Service
09/12 – 03/13
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL
General assistant for Chicago Public Schools selective enrollment testing
Responsibilities included:
o Monitor test preparation, test materials quality control
o Database and data input o Related project management responsibilities o Service oriented. Interaction with parents and children
Center for Behavioral Neuroscience
– 08/12
Emory University and Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
Fellow for Behavioral Research Advancements In Neuroscience
Research assistant o Ten weeks of comprehensive training in multidisciplinary research.
o The research project in which I collaborated investigated social,
cultural, psychological, and neurodevelopmental risk factors that
influence sexual risk behavior in female adolescents in the
metropolitan Atlanta area.
o Responsibilities included:
 Recruiting participants  Data collection  Hypothesis testing  Statistical data analysis 
Multiple linear regression Bivariate correlation
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