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J O E L I . K L E I N , Chancellor
Special Education Checklist
School: ______________________________
Date(s): _____________________________
 A school administrator is designated to be the special education liaison, and will oversee
and coordinate all special education functions in the school.
 A school psychologist is assigned or on call to the school and a caseload management plan
has been developed to complete all open cases on the weekly 201 report.
 A school administrator is designated to be the coordinator of the master calendar for IEP
meetings to meet compliance of both the mandated three year evaluations and annual
 The principal has identified a District Representative.
 An administrative employee (clerical/family worker) has been assigned to support the
school psychologist.
 In schools allocated an IEP teacher, a licensed special education teacher is assigned to the
 The school administration is aware of the IEP teacher's role and effectively utilizes the
position in IEP work and instructional/intervention activities.
 A school social worker is assigned or on call to the school.
 The parent coordinator has a basic knowledge of special education and appropriately
directs parents.
 lEPs are available on site for all enrolled special education students.
 IEPs for students articulating out of this school or otherwise transferring have been sent to
the receiving school.
 The school has an established process for maintaining and sharing lEPs with professionals
providing services to students. See Chapter 408 regulations for more detail.
 A process is in place for getting copies of IEPs that have been conferenced to the Records
 A process is in place to ensure that all data entry from conferenced IEPs are completed in
 A school administrator is designated to review/ oversee the quality of IEP development.
 The principal has designated an individual to ensure transition services are addressed and
provided to age appropriate students.
Cynthia Rodriguez
Updated: May 6, 2010
 SEC reports are utilized by school administration to monitor provision of mandated services.
 The pupil accounting secretary or designee regularly reconciles ATS and CAP registers.
 All students are placed in appropriate classes as mandated by their IEPs and are
appropriately coded in ATS.
 Class staffing and student to teacher/paraprofessional ratios conform to guidelines
mandated in students’ IEPs.
 IEP paraprofessionals are assigned as mandated (student names and OSIS numbers are
linked to paraprofessional’s name in galaxy).
 Related service providers have been assigned for all IEP-mandated services.
 Caseloads of related service providers are maximized in order to serve as many students as
possible in the building.
 School is aware of all students who need related services that cannot be provided by a DOE
provider at the school.
 The related service providers, SETSS teachers, IEP paraprofessionals and ESL teachers (selfcontained and collaborative team teaching classes) are correctly recording attendance and
using the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system to record service start dates. Independent
Providers: Call 718- 596-4099. All Others: 718-596-4080.
 A liaison is assigned to collect attendance booklets and sends them to SOURCECORP
through Federal Express at designated times (quarterly): DOE ATTENDANCE FORMS SOURCE
CORP BPS, INC. BINGHAMTON, NY 13901; 1(800) 750-4838.
 Assistive technology is provided as mandated by students’ IEPs.
 Adaptive physical education services are provided as mandated by student IEPs.
 NYSAA students are identified; datafolios are created and submitted according to state
 Students with IEPs have received the “Consent to Release Information to Access Medicaid
Services for Special Education Support Services” form.
 Student Accommodation Plans (summer school) are created as appropriate.
 A Student Exit Summary is completed for those students receiving special education
services when their services will terminate in the current year because the student will
receive a Regent, local or IEP diploma or reach the age of 21.
Cynthia Rodriguez
Updated: May 6, 2010