Magoffin County High School Agriscience

Mrs. Wright
Magoffin County High School
Mrs. Kendall Wright
Phone: (606) 349-5188 Ext. 8122
Welcome to Agriscience! In this course, we will explore many facets of agriculture, ranging from
the soils and natural resources to animal science to plant science. We will explore careers in all
these areas of agriculture and experience how this information is relevant in today’s and
tomorrow’s society. Areas covered include soils, resource management, animal nutrition, animal
physiology and health, plant structures and functions, crop production, and animal production. No
matter what career you are interested in pursuing, this course is for you and will prepare you for
both careers and college! Throughout this course, we will learn, have fun, and create memories.
By being in this class, you are also eligible for membership in FFA, which is the intracurricular
organization with agriculture classes. In the FFA, you will have opportunities to develop your
potential in premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. I am excited to have you as
a student in this class and hope to welcome to membership in the Magoffin County FFA, as well!
Text (provided):
1. Agriscience: Fundamentals and Applications by Elmer Cooper and L. Burton
2. The Science of Agriculture: A Biological Approach by Ray Herren
1. 2” 3 ring binger
2. Loose leaf paper
3. Pencil or pen
4. Positive attitude and a smile!
5. SAE Record Book (provided)
Mrs. Wright
Course Objectives:
At the completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. Describe the fields of agriscience and biotechnology and describe their relevance to
everyday life.
2. Identify soil management practices and effectively judge various sites for their
3. Identify different species and breeds of animals, and compare and contrast their uses.
4. Label the anatomy of companion animals and livestock and determine the nutritional
needs of animals.
5. Explain the different practices for various species of livestock and assess the differences
across species.
6. Describe the reproductive processes of different animals and design a breeding
management schedule for a species of choice.
7. Understand the importance of food science and describe the processing of both animal
and crop products.
8. Identify plant structures and model how plant physiology occurs.
9. Explore various crop production systems and create a plan for the production of a crop of
choice in Magoffin County.
10. Determine marketing principles and strategies and demonstrate them by creating an
advertising portfolio.
11. Identify potential careers in Agrisceicne and prepare a portfolio for a career of choice.
1. Introduction to Agriscience and Biotechnology
2. Natural Resources Management
3. Animal Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition
4. Animal Health
5. Breeding, Genetics and Production
6. Dairy and Livestock Management
7. Horse Management
8. Food Science
9. Plant Structures and Taxonomy
10. Plant Physiology
11. Plant Reproduction
12. Vegetable Production
13. Grain, Oil, and Specialty Crop Production
14. Marketing in Agriscience
15. Careers in Agriscience
Mrs. Wright
Course Grading Scale:
We will learn a lot throughout this course! As a result, there will be many opportunities to earn
points. Your final grade will consist of the following sections:
Lab Reports
After your points have been entered, your letter grade will be calculated using this scale:
A= 92-100%
B= 84- 91.9%
C= 72- 83.9%
D=66- 71.9%
F= 65.9% and below
Make-up Work Policy:
In order to be successful in this class (and any other class), you must be in class. However, I
realize there are times when you may not be able to attend school. If you know that you will miss
a class, please inform me as soon as possible, so we can plan for the make-up of the material you
would miss. If you have an EXCUSED absence from school, you will have TWO days for each
day that you miss to complete any make-up assignments. For example, if you miss one day of
school, you will have two days to complete and turn in your make-up work. If you miss two days
of school, you will have four days to complete and turn in your make-up work. If you miss an
exam, you will have one week to complete the exam. If make-up work is not turned in within this
period, you will receive a zero for all work. If you do not make-up your exam within this period,
you will also receive a zero for that exam. You will not be able to make-up any work or exams
missed with an unexcused absence.
Classroom Policies:
1. Respect your school, your peers, your teachers, your administrators, and yourself.
2. Keep all technology safely in your backpack.
3. Communicate clearly!
4. Be punctual.
5. Work hard!
6. Always maintain a positive attitude!
Any violation of these classroom policies, or of any guideline found in the Student Code of
Conduct, will be dealt with as stated in the Student Code of Conduct.
Mrs. Wright
Throughout this course, we will complete a variety of coursework, which include labs,
participation, quizzes, homework, and exams. Each week, you can earn ten participation points.
To earn these, simply answer questions in class, ask your own questions, and be an active learner.
Participation points will be deducted for poor behavior and for a lack of participation in class
lessons and activities. This class is very hands-on, and so you will have ample opportunities to
earn your participation points each week. Homework and lab reports will be assigned throughout
the course. Late work will not be accepted unless you have an excused absence (see the Make-Up
Work Policy for more information). Quizzes in this class may be either announced or
unannounced, so it is important to stay on top of your studying!
Several times throughout this course, we will be completing labs, ranging from experiments with
plants to field trips. Students will only be allowed to participate in each lab after they have passed
an exam demonstrating they know and understand the necessary safety practices and procedures.
In addition, students must wear appropriate clothing to the labs and field trips. Appropriate
clothing includes jeans, a long or short sleeve shirt, and close toed shoes (preferably boots or tennis
shoes). Loose clothing will not be permitted in labs. Participating in these labs will be crucial to
the understanding and application of the material covered in this course. However, if you do not
feel comfortable with your student participating in lab, please call or e-mail and we will determine
alternate assignments for your student.
Mrs. Wright
Students- please detach this form from your syllabus, complete it, and return the signed form to
Mrs. Wright by Wednesday, August 13th for your first homework grade. If your guardian(s) do
not sign this form, you will receive a zero for this assignment.
Dear Guardian(s),
I am looking forward to a great course with your student! Agriscience is a challenging and fun
course. The material covered in this course is relevant to your student now and in their future, as
they will daily interact with agriculture and its products. Please feel free to contact me with any
questions or concerns. Let’s have a great year!
Mrs. Kendall Wright
Please list any allergies your student has:
By signing this contract, you and your student are saying that you have thoroughly read and
understand this syllabus and that you and your student agree to follow the guidelines and policies
set forth in this document.
Printed Student Name
Student Signature
Printed Guardian Name
Guardian Signature
Guardian Contact Information:
Home phone number: _______________________
Cell phone number: ________________________
Best way to contact: ________________________
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