Astro/Sports Hall Football Pitch Booking Policy

Terms & Conditions
Casual and One off Bookings
Card Payments
Bookings taken by telephone can only be allocated to the booking sheet if a valid credit card is used
to pay for the booking – at the time of the telephone enquiry
The booking can only be confirmed once a ‘customer’ and ‘merchant’ receipt is produced for the
card payment. The customer copy of the card transaction will be retained and given to the customer
on arrival on the day that the booking is taking place.
If no credit card is available or if the payment is refused through the card machine when the
telephone booking is being made then the booking cannot be taken.
Cash Payments
Customers can pay by cash at the reception desk provided they do so within the 24 hour notice
Same Day Bookings - Not Permitted
No bookings regardless of the method payment offered can be taken on the day for a same day
attendance. For example customers cannot book and pay for a Tuesday booking on the Tuesday
Cancellations - Non-Refundable
It is the customer’s responsibility to attend for the booking that they have booked and paid for and
in this respect all booking fees paid are non- refundable – specifically if a customer fails to turn up on
the booking date or request a cancellation of the booking no refunds will apply.
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