Intern Training Policy

Summer 2015 Training Attendance Policy
Overview: It is critical to the success of the enterprise that Intern training is executed with
learning opportunities rich in content and relevant to their professional development. This
“Value Add” is what clients expect and deem as an important component of the INROADS
All Interns will be required to complete the following:
Pre-selected facilitator-led courses (New Intern Orientation, Summer Kick Off and
Learning Summit)
E-learning courses selected by the Intern to enhance personal and professional
Community Service Activity – National Day of Service
Expectations: Every INROADS Intern is expected to receive the confirmed dates and locations
for summer training prior to starting their summer Internship. Dates should be communicated
to all new Interns as soon as they are placed. INROADS Managers should communicate their
respective dates to the Corporate Development Team and placed Interns as early as possible.
Interns are required to attend ALL summer training workshops. Requests for excused
absences will be evaluated and approved by Regional Directors and addressed on a case-bycase basis with Training and Development leadership.
Non-emergency situations are not excusable reasons for missing training. Exceptions for nonemergency situations would be sponsoring company events or civic duty with prior written
notice (7-14 days prior to the training event) to the INROADS Manager. Proof of civic duty must
be provided. In the event of the death of an immediate family member, proof of funeral service
must be provided to the INROADS staff. Absences due to company related events must be
communicated by the Intern with verification by the staff from the supervisor or business
coordinator. The INROADS Manager, Director of Training, and the company representative will
discuss and determine suitable alternatives. Unexcused absences could result in separation
from the Internship and INROADS. Those include family vacation, sports, part time jobs, travel
and illness (without a doctor’s note).
E-Learning courses must be completed by every Intern prior to the conclusion of their 2015
summer Internship. Staff should review the e-learning reports on a regular basis to monitor
Intern progress. Intern access is available through August 31, 2015.
Summer 2015 Training Policy
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Make-Up Training Options: Due to the complexity of duplicating simulations and other
facilitator led programs, it is imperative that Interns make every effort to attend their training
workshops. In some instances, staff may be required to conduct webinars, where appropriate.
If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact Javona Braxton.
Interns with approved excused absences will be required to complete a pre-approved set of
e-learning courses. These courses are in addition to the required e-learning courses found in
the Intern Learning Plan. These courses must be completed within two weeks following the
Learning Summit and prior to August 3rd, 2015.
Consequences for Unexcused Training Absences:
Learning Summit (Friday or Saturday)*: Any Intern who is absent from any portion of the
Learning Summit, without prior notice to their INROADS Manager, will receive a probation
notice and their respective Business Coordinator will be notified via telephone and email of
their negligence and probation status.
If an Intern does not complete the required e-learning make-up courses within two
weeks of the missed Learning Summit, separation from the INROADS Internship and
INROADS should be evaluated by the Regional Director and Chief Operations Officer.
*Additional Notes
 Returning Interns who miss any training days or who do not complete e-learning
requirements will forfeit their eligibility for scholarships and awards.
 All Interns who miss a training day may also be subject to an additional Student Activity Fee.
 Interns who miss Saturday training due to religious reasons will be managed on a case by
case basis.
E-Learning Metrics: E-learning is a REQUIRED component of the INROADS learning model.
Completion of E-Learning courses will be tracked and available to INROADS Staff via the on-line
learning usage report.
Intern Learning Portfolio: This tool will allow INROADS staff to provide a visual report of
training completion for each Intern to their Corporate Development Team. The portfolio will
allow INROADS staff to track/ summarize the Intern’s training attendance/progress (similar to a
grade report) and will highlight the courses completed by each Intern. The portfolio should be
shared with the Business Coordinator and/or Manager during the Intern’s evaluation or as the
Manager deems necessary. It will be the responsibility of each Manager to ensure accurate
information is recording in the Intern Learning Portfolio for each assigned Intern.
Procedures: It is expected that each Intern attend 100% of training.
Summer 2015 Training Policy
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Regions should expect to take attendance in each session to get an accurate percentage
for each Intern;
E-Learning will be tracked via the on-line learning usage report;
All of the above should be captured to assist in the completion of the Intern Learning
Summer 2015 Training Policy
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