Bin Art - All About Art

Section III – Policies and Procedures
1. Members are encouraged to put their art in the bins for sale, regardless of their
level of expertise.
2. All artwork will be unframed and shrink wrapped. Shrink-wrap is located in the
storage room. There is no cost for using the shrink-wrap.
3. An “All About Art” card will be filled out completely, using your proper name,
taped securely to the back of the artwork on the outside of the shrink wrap. Note
on card that it is bin art with a “B”. The “All About Art” cards are located in
the second drawer under the printer at the front desk. When the artwork is sold,
the “All About Art” card will be removed and placed in an envelope with the
money for the Treasurer.
4. There will be 10% taken out of each piece of art sold in the bin that will go to the
club treasury, as well as 6% sales tax.
a. The Treasurer will then process a check online, which is mailed to your
address on the membership roster.
b. The Treasurer will send you an email, advising you of your payment
processed alone with a copy of the card(s) for the art sold. Original cards
will not be returned, unless specifically requested. (They will be kept on
5. The club is not responsible for missing or lost artwork that is placed in the bins.
Each member placing art in the bins should keep an inventory of what they have
placed in the bins.
6. Bin art left by non-members becomes the property of the club.
March 2015