The FREDONIA PROMISE PROGRAM is a peer mentorship initiative

The FREDONIA PROMISE PROGRAM is a peer mentorship initiative that assists incoming
first-year students with their transition to The State of New York at Fredonia during the fall
semester. It is a co-curricular and academically based enrichment program designed to
emphasize Fredonia’s baccalaureate goals of skilled, connected, creative, and responsible. The
program’s vision is to provide “student professional development” for incoming Fredonia
Promise Scholarship recipients. Some of the program’s learning outcomes include:
● Demonstrating the ability to navigate the physical campus and its support services
● Understanding how to use Fredonia’s digital tools
● Creating a personalized academic map
● Identifying opportunities in which to be a responsible community member
● Developing creative problem solving skills
PEER MENTORS are selected to support, nurture, and guide the mentees throughout the fall
2015 semester. Mentors will provide structured attention, encouragement, advice, and facilitate
conversations between students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Duties are diverse so it is
expected that peer mentors exhibit the following characteristics: responsibility, accountability,
discipline, creativity, enthusiasm and initiative. Below includes, but is not limited to, a list of
responsibilities and duties of a Peer Mentor.
Peer Mentors will be responsible for communicating important campus messages to participants
weekly throughout the first semester, in addition to:
● Ensuring that a high quality experience is provided to all participants by creating an
atmosphere of trust and respect among the cohort
● Recognizing declining participant morale and providing team-building activities or other
methods of motivation or encouragement.
● Collaboratively developing best practices to achieve the goals of The Fredonia Promise
Scholarship Program with other peer mentors and with the guidance of the Director of
First-Year and Transition Programs.
Peer Mentors will be required to meet with their cohort regularly and model how to engage with
the campus community, work effectively with others and carry out tasks to the best of their
ability by:
● Exemplifying the behavior and characteristics that are expected of the participants and
motivating the students to work towards the learning objectives of the mentorship.
● Identifying areas that they, the peer mentor, as an individual can improve and seek
opportunities to enhance their own personal leadership skills.
As a cohort facilitator, Peer Mentors play a key role in ensuring that activities align with the
program’s learning objectives and best practices. Mentors will:
● Attend mandatory peer mentor training and meetings
● Provide responsible advice and important information to assigned participants
Monitor study groups and attend special events with the cohort
Communicate and meet with the mentees regularly digitally and in person
Complete appropriate administrative work issued by the Director of First-Year and
Transition Programs
In addition to providing a co-curricular leadership experience, it is expected that Peer Mentors
will be academically and monetarily compensated for their participation.
● Up to 3 credit hours of internship credit available.
● $200 stipend awarded at the end of completion.
● Fees or supplies associated with events will be paid for by the office of First-Year and
Transition Programs.
● 120 hours (approx. 8 hours per week) during fall semester. Includes email, meetings,
preparation, and event attendance with cohort and other peer mentors.
● 6 hours of Peer Mentor training to take place between August 17-21, 2015
● Can be of any major
● At least a 2.7 GPA and in good academic standing with your major
● Must have completed at least two consecutive semesters at Fredonia. Preference will
be given to those with junior and senior class standing, but other qualified applicants will
be considered
● Can Demonstrate knowledge of your major and or college academic requirements and
co-curricular opportunities
● Ability to articulate a sincere desire to help first year students transition
● Willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise
● Good communication skills
● Leadership experience
Please complete the following application and submit it by April 22, 2015 to the Department of
First-Year and Transition Program located Maytum Hall, 6th floor. Along with the application
please submit two references and a resume. Reference sheets are available at the Career
Development Office located Gregory Hall, 2nd floor. Interviews will be schedule and starting
April 27th, 2015.
Questions about the peer mentor position or the application process should be
directed to:
● Erin Mroczka: First-Year and Transition Program Director
● Phone: (716) 673-3271
● Email address: [email protected]