Directors Meeting Notes 11-8-14 Website

The Foxcroft Homeowners’ Association met at the subdivision on
November 8, 2014. The purpose of this meeting was to set forth the
goals and expectations of the Directors henceforth. The Board has
retaken control of the Association from Synergy Management
Company of Columbia, South Carolina and as accepted full
responsibility for full duties and actions of the Association. The Board
will operate under the goal of providing a service to the Association
which will insure that all residents are treated fairly and in exacting
compliance with the directives of the Association. Each member will
be traded the same and no person or classes of persons will be given
preferential treatment nor will they be allowed to circumvent the
directives of the association by not complying. In order to complete
the tasks set forth in the Covenants, Bylaws and ARC Guidelines the
Association set about in its duties to appoint new appointments to
the Officers of the Association. It is important that each member of
the Association understand that all residential property owners are
members of the Association and are controlled by the directives of
the Association as set forth in documents on file with the City of
Sumter. While all members were to have been furnished a copy of
the directives at closing of the home, those who have lost or
misplaced them may read and download the current directives at the
Homeowners’ Association Website.
The Website contains all
documents needed for the individual to understand the rules under
which the HOA works. Please remember that the rules contained in
the directives have been filed with the City and have been approved.
The directives are a consolidation of the information and
requirements of the State, City, and County. These guidelines are set
not only by those entities but are also set by the Planning Commission
and other agencies within the City complex. The HOA has put the
requirements of the City and other systems in a consolidated format
with a few added requirements of the Association. Please remember
that these can be enforced by the City Codes Enforcement
Department. We consolidate for the residents and enforce in order to
reduce City involvement and to keep our are in such a manner so as to
insure increased values to properties and to enhance the resale value
of property not only now by in the future. All residents can help
reduce expenditures by compliance with the rules of the Association
to enforce and help the Association not only in time but save money
which will eventually come back to the resident.
FACEBOOK should not be used as or considerate a factual means of
communications. No member of the Board will be restricted in use of
Facebook but comments made are personal in nature and should
never be taken to mean that it is the opinion or expression of the
Association. Facebook is only a personal/entertainment process that
must be considered such. Residents with questions or wishing replies
should send an email to the Association and a reply will be forth
SYNERGY was removed as the party representing the Association for a
variety of reasons. The primary reasons for removal were:
Not posting documents to the website.
Did not process requests for changes.
Did not send ARC letters on time and did not keep copies.
Did not follow up on letters sent to residents.
Did not properly notify the ARC of letters sent to residents.
Failed to take legal steps on violations.
7. Did not follow up on the requirements of meetings not only in
time but specific obligations
8. Used the wrong subdivision in written communications.
9. Failed to scheduled or maintain minutes of meetings.
By assumption of the duties by the residents the requirement to pay
Synergy will be dropped but the HOA will become obligated to pay for
a number of debts normally covered in the Synergy contract. It
should be noted that Synergy received some services at a markedly
reduced price which we no longer enjoy. These include, but are not
limited to:
1. Postage. This can be reduced by residential compliance with
the directives of the Association.
2. Legal fees. This can be done away with by residential
3. Travel.
4. Miscellaneous office supplies.
5. Billing costs.
6. Certain contractual maintenance.
7. Insurance.
8. Accountant.
9. Copying.
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