Publications – Jennifer O’Leary
1. Halpern, B.S., C. Longo, D. Hardy, K.L. McLeod,
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ranges: implications for the Atlantic invasion. Marine
Ecology Progress Series 446: 189-205. PDF
3. O’Leary, J.K., D.C. Potts, J.C. Braga, and T.R.
McClanahan. 2012. Indirect consequences of fishing:
reduction of coralline algae suppresses juvenile coral
abundance. Coral Reefs 31: 547-559. PDF
4. Van Woesik, R., E.C. Franklin, J. O’Leary, T.R.
McClanahan, J.S. Klaus, and A.F. Budd. 2012. Hosts
of the Plio-Pleistocene past reflect modern-day coral
vulnerability. Proc. R. Soc. B 279: 2448-2456. PDF
5. O’Leary, J.K. and D.C. Potts. 2011. Using
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variation in early coral recruitment. Coral Reefs 30:
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abundant on invaded reefs: a comparison of Kenyan
and Bahamian lionfish populations. Biol. Invasions
13: 2045-2051. PDF
7. O’Leary, J.K. and T.R. McClanahan. 2010. Trophic
cascades result in large-scale coralline algae loss
through differential grazer effects. Ecology 91(12):
3584-3597. PDF
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