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Coral Reef Biome
Zan Wong
In a coral reef, the temperature varies
depending on what part of the reef you go
to. Temperatures generally range from 18
to 30 degrees Celsius.
Coral reefs can be located between 23°N
and 23°S of the Equator.
They are found in the warm, shallow waters
that line continents and surround islands.
Dominant Animals
Naturally, the most common animal found
in a coral reef is coral. There is also an
abundance of different types of fish.
The primary vegetation consists of many
kinds of sea grass and algae.
Effects of Humans
Through modern knowledge
and technology, humans are
able to figure out ways to help
keep our coral reefs alive
and well.
For example, scientists are
identifying resilient species
of coral that can be planted
to help re-grow coral reefs
that have been damaged.
Global warming causes increases
in ocean temperatures, which
diminishes the supply of algae that
corals depend on for survival.
Chemicals used for agricultural
purposes get into the water and
pollute it, harming the organisms
living in the reefs.
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