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marsh-an area
of soft, wet
land; a border
between land
and water
bordering the
tropical zone
Everglades National Park is located in the southern
tip of Florida. It was the first national part dedicated
to protect wildlife. It is the only everglades in the
world. It is the only subtropical preserve in the North
America. It is the largest marsh in the United States.
Rare species of animals may be found there, such as
the Florida panther or the West Indian manatee. It is
a popular place for tourists to visit.
The Everglades includes 5,000 square miles of land
mangrove treea tropical tree
with many
and water. This is about the same size as Connecticut.
Everglades National Park is the largest national park
east of the Rocky Mountains. It contains thousands of
islands, most of which are clumps of mangrove trees.
community of
plants and
animals that
interact with
The average depth of the water is only about 6 inches.
The overflow from Lake Okeechobee supplies the
Everglades with fresh water. The Everglades become
salty near the Gulf of Mexico. There are wet and dry
cycles in the Everglades, which the plants and animals
have adapted to.
More than 400 species of birds have been
identified within the park. It is the only place in the
world where alligators and crocodiles exist together.
The Everglades is also home to fifteen endangered
species. One of these is the 1,000 lb West Indian
manatee, or sea cow. They rest just below the water
and get hit by speeding boats. Other threats to the
wildlife include litter, pollution, and human
development. The water supply is also being used by
Florida’s growing populations and tourists, which is also
affecting endangered wildlife and the ecosystem.
Multiple Choice
1. What is a more precise location of the Everglades?
a. North America
b. United States
c. Southern tip of Florida
d. Massachusetts
2. The Everglades is a
a. water park
b. national park
c. seafood restaurant
d. amusement park
3. Which 2 animals can you see together ONLY in the Everglades?
a. manatee and panther
b. alligator and crocodile
c. manatee and sea cow
d. cats and dogs
Complete each sentence.
1. The Everglades is mostly ___________ water, but becomes _________
near the Gulf of Mexico.
2. There are ________ and ________ cycles in the Everglades, which plants
and animals have ________________ to.
3. The Everglades is about the same size as ___________________.
4. The water supply is being used by ___________, as well as plants and
True or False
_______ The Everglades is not a popular place for tourists to visit.
List 4 reasons why life in the Everglades is endangered.
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My group: _____________________________________________________
Research: Everglades
A. List 4 text features you find in this book.
1. _____________________________
2. _____________________________
3. _____________________________
4. _____________________________
B. What page can you find information about the Everglades’ habitats? (TTQA)
C. Use index cards to name, define, and draw a picture for 2 habitats.
D. This book’s genre is _______________________________. On page 15,
there is another type of nonfiction. It is _____________________.
On an index card, write 3-4 sentences about this page.
E. On an index card, write 3 facts about the people of the Everglades.
F. What natural resources have influenced arts and culture? Give examples of
these on an index card, and give index card a title.
G. On an index card, summarize the myth of the Everglades.
H. List 4 things you will need if you plan to visit the Everglades.
H. What argument is presented on page 25?
What side does your group take? Why? (can be both if no majority)
F. Choose 1 website from the back of book. On an index card, write 3 new facts
about the Everglades.
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