Hoot is About… A young boy named Roy Eberhardt moves to Coconut
Cove, Florida where he takes on the burden of helping to save the burrowing
owls by stopping the planned construction on the piece of land where they live.
Not only does he do so, but he makes friends, helps those friends expose the
dishonesty of the companies involved and their disregard for the environment.
Through this, he becomes a mature young man.
The Purpose of This Web Quest… You are going on a scavenger
hunt through the World Wide Web to explore the setting of the novel and the
types of wildlife that the characters are interacting with throughout the story.
You will also get a peek into what it truly means to preserve the environment.
You will immerse yourself in the world of HOOT.
How To Use The Web Quest… Each slide gives clear directions
and links to web pages or videos. You will be asked to find certain answers
to questions, or read/watch the link and answer questions based on what
you saw or read. Click NEXT to begin!
 Click on the picture below to take a virtual fieldtrip
through the setting, the Florida Everglades.
 Click NEXT to answer questions about this video
Question 1
A. A secluded oceanfront retreat
B. Subtropical wetlands
C. Volcanic mountains and tropical forests
D. Appalachian mountains
Sorry, Try Again
 All of these animals can be found in the Florida
Everglades EXCEPT…
A. Alligators
B. poisonous snakes
C. Large birds
D. buffalo
 The Everglades is
home to a vast array of
plants and animals
that have adapted to a
wet, subtropical
environment. There
are four main
divisions of animals in
ther everglades, the
reptiles, the birds, the
mammals, and the
other animals
 Bison once roamed across
much of North America.
Today bison are ecologically
extinct throughout most of
their historic range, except
for a few national parks and
other small wildlife areas.
Yellowstone National Park
has the largest population of
free-roaming plains bison
(about 4,000), and Wood
Buffalo National Park has
the largest population of
free-roaming wood bison
(about 10,000). (believe it or
not, this information may be
beneficial as you read Hoot)
Restoring the Everglades
A major effort is under
way to heal Florida’s
ailing “River of Grass”
Read this article and be
prepared to answer the
questions on the Hoot
Web Quest Guide.
Click here t0 view the
Restoring the Everglades
Click here
to view
Answer the Questions
 On your Hoot Web Quest Guide, answer the questions that
go along with the article that you just read.
 In the first section, entitled “Restoring the Everglades
Short Answer”, the questions come directly out of the
article. You will need to read the article thoroughly to
answer the questions.
 The second section, “Restoring the Everglades Critical
Thinking”, the question will not be found directly in
the article, but you will use the ideas that your learned
from the article to answer the question.
In the upcoming slides, you will be directed to websites
that you will explore to find specific answers to the
questions on the Hoot Web Quest Guide.
Be sure to document where you found your answers.
Example: 1.What environmental factors are disturbing the natural
resources of the Everglades National Park?
Environmental factors that disturb the natural resources are…
______,_______,_____,______,______,______. I found
this answer on the Environmental factors page in the second
 (this is an example of how to document where you
found your answer)
Everglades National Park Website
Click the
Answer the
in the Hoot
Web Quest
as you
explore this
Burrowing Owl Conservation Network Website
Click on the
Answer the
questions on
your Hoot
Web Quest
Guide as you
explore the
Who Gives a Hoot??
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