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Any italicized name in the Name column indicates patients with the same last name.
Encounters Column:
ED Triage – Automatic event as soon as patient is registered. Completes automatically when the Triage
form is signed.
Yellow star on event icon - associated form that is saved instead of signed. Tells user that form has been
started and must be modified by opening the chart to the Forms tab.
ED Allergies/Meds – Fires automatically when the patient is registered. Will automatically complete when
the Allergies/Meds form is signed.
HHQ Required – Requested automatically after the Triage form is signed. Manually completed by nursing
after the paper HHQ has been completed and reviewed and is on the chart.
Nurse Assign - Requested automatically when patient placed in a bed. It completes automatically when a
nurse assigns himself or herself to a patient.
Dr Exam – Requested automatically when patient placed in a bed. Yellow star will appear 15 minutes and
a red star 30 minutes after the patient is placed in a bed. Completes automatically when the Physician
assigns himself or herself to a patient.
Vital Signs – automatic event requested when the ED Triage form is signed. Will display continually. A
yellow star will appear 1 hour and a red star 2 hours after the last vital signs form is signed. Signing a vital
signs form restarts the event timer.
Pharmacy Consult – Manually requested by pharmacist when there is a request for them to do something
(dose a medication, toxicology, DI question, etc.) and they can't do it right away.
Pharmacy Med Rec – Manually requested event when pharmacist will be collecting home medication and
allergy information.
Restraint – automatic event that will display when the ED - Restraint Care Plan form is signed. After 5
minutes a yellow star, after 10 minutes a red star as reminders to chart. Signing the form resets the timer.
Manually complete when the restraints are removed.
Sepsis Alert to Screen – icon is present under encounters if there is patient data indicating SIRS or
Sepsis. Nurse goes to Task List in the patient’s chart, and right click’s on the task to read comments that
indicate criteria for screen, then double clicks on the task description to preform/chart the sepsis screen.
Sepsis -Automated event that is automatically requested when Sepsis Screen Tool form filled out. Stars
appear after 1(yellow) and 2 (red) hours and disappear when charting on the sepsis screen occurs.
Registration event – Appears automatically for all patients. Registration staff manually completes it after
the patient has undergone full registration.
Fast Track Pt - manual event that will be requested by the Fast Track nurse when it is determined that a
patient will be seen in the Fast Track area. The acuity of “fast Track” has been eliminated
UM Review-Automatically requested when the Admit event is placed on the patient. UM will manually
complete the event when they are done with the patient.
Other Columns:
Critical Value – Red star in the first gray column on the tracking list indicates that there is a Critical Value
present for the patient.
Dictate – automatic event displays in DIC column when the patient is moved from WR to a bed. Some ED
physicians are completing this event when they are done with dictation.
Nurse Assess – Appears automatically in the NA column when the patient is placed in a bed. Yellow star
will appear 15 minutes and a red star 30 minutes after the patient is placed in a bed. Disappears
automatically when the Nursing Assessment is signed.
Forms charting -Icon identifies if your documentation is not started (red), in progress (i.e. saved, not
signed) (yellow), or completed (green). Hover to view documentation status for each form.
Orders Received – Manually requested event when orders have been given to charge nurse by
attending/admitting provider
Admission Orders entered- Admitting physician orders have been entered.
Results Complete – indicates that all ordered results are complete; displays in Lab, Rad, CS, and Micro
Safety Violence Risk Assessment- the V symbol appears in events column when a patient scores
positive on safety/violence assessment. The patient’s level number/color display in
Orders Column
EKG – appears automatically when a patient has an EKG order entered. Yellow star appears 10 minutes after
the order was placed. A red star appears 15 minutes after the order was placed. Manually completed by Lab,
RT, Nursing. If EKG completes the EKG, they will complete the order in PowerChart to complete the event.
Lab Collect - Appears automatically when a lab order is entered. Yellow star appears 15 minutes after the order
was placed. A red star appears 30 minutes after the order was placed. Lab will complete this event when the
specimen has been drawn.
Nurse Collect - Appears automatically when lab orders that the nurse needs to collect (urine, stool, sputum,
strep screen) are entered. Yellow star appears 15 minutes after the order was placed. A red star appears 30
minutes after the order was placed. Nurse will manually complete this event after they have collected the
RAD prep – indicates an x-ray has been ordered that requires a prep. Check the Orders tab to see what the
prep may be. Nursing manually completes this event when the gastro has been given, the IV has been started
or the MRI form has been completed. In the case of an oral prep, enter the time the patient is to go to CT in the
Comment column.
Respiratory Care – appears when an aerosol order is entered. RT will either complete the order in PowerChart
(MMC) or complete the task from the Task List in PowerChart (GRY, CAD). In the event that a nurse performs
the aerosol, the nurse will manually complete the event in FirstNet.
Medication administration – Order for Meds to administer. Manually complete the event when the medication
administration has been completed. Documentation will take place on the eMAR.
Intermittent Lock - Order for intermittent IV lock. Manually complete the event when the lock has been started.
Documentation will take place on the eMAR.
POC – displays when any POC (urine dip at MMC, rapid strep, urine pregnancy, bedside glucose, occult blood at
MHG) order is entered. POC orders are documented on the POC PowerForms.
Ortho Tech – displays automatically when the Ortho Tech ED Svcs (autopage) order is placed. Ortho Techs are
auto-paged with order details, they come down, perform services, and chart in PowerChart, complete their task
in and event will be completed.
Nurse Order - requested when NG tube, catheter, ambulate prior to discharge, wound care, orthostatic vital
signs, misc treatment order, eye/ear irrigation, lac tray at bedside, urine strainer at bedside, DC sutures, NPO,
pulse ox, or enema orders are entered. Check Orders tab in FirstNet to determine which nursing order has been
entered. Manually completed by nurse when all tasks completed.
Bedside Glucose – Requested automatically when a bedside glucose is entered. The nurse manually
completes when the bedside glucose is completed.
ED Unit Clerk Notice – automatically requested when an order is entered that requires the unit clerk to take
action, like notify a department, fill out a paper form, etc.
Unit Clerk – paper – Requested manually when there are orders written on the paper ED Order sheet that the
ED unit clerk needs to act on. This event is also requested when the ED Unit Clerk – paper order is entered in
FirstNet. Manually completed by the Unit Clerk when they have transcribed the paper orders.
Hospitalists – Automatically requested when physicians place the Hospitalists – ED Use Only (Auto page)
Begin Admission Orders- Alerts Staff and Ancillary departments that this patient is waiting to be admitted and
some routine exams may need to be performed in the ED.
NPO-the patient is ordered to take nothing by mouth.
PEWS-Pediatric Early Warning Score- Automated event that is automatically requested when an order is
placed to admit a pt. under 18 years of age.
Urine Collection-will show as overdue and critical at 15 and 30 minutes respectively.
Disposition Column
Admit - Manual requested when the patient is to be admitted. A yellow star in the bottom right corner
indicates that admitting has started the event, or they have called the nursing unit to obtain a bed.
Medically Cleared – Manual event that can be started when the patient has been cleared by the ED
physician, but the patient is waiting for a consult (CMH, CAC, etc).
Discharge – Event can be manually requested or requested as part of the Depart Process. Will
automatically complete when the patient is discharged or admitted.
Discharge after Treatment Complete – manually requested in depart process by provider; patient is
ready for dc from provider’s perspective, but something more needs to be completed before discharge
Transfer to COU/C2- indicates that this patient is being transferred to COU/C2
Admit – Bridging - indicates the patient will be admitted and that bridging orders have been placed by
Tx Care to Adm Phys- automatically fires in dispo column on tracking shell when the order “Patient
Status” from the ‘Admission Information and Bed Request’ powerplan is placed, indicating care has been
turned over to the admitting provider
Allergy Column icons
Allergies recorded-hover to view allergens
No Known Allergies
No Known Medication Allergy-should appear with the Allergies recorded icon to display the environmental
or food allergy.
Allergies not recorded-review allergies with patient.
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