Limited Registration Contract

Breeder: Elena Ralston
239 Midland Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14223
[email protected]
This agreement is between the Seller/Breeder:
Elena Ralston
Address: 239 Midland Ave., Buffalo, NY 14223
Phone number: 716-834-0288
Email: [email protected]
and Buyer(s) and Owner (s):
Phone number:
For the purpose of setting forth the terms and conditions of the purchase and
ownership by the Buyer of a purebred German Shepherd Dog from the litter out
AKC #:
UKC #:
Date purchased puppy was picked up:
The ownership of the above-described puppy will be transferred to the Buyer (s) on the date the contract is signed. The puppy is
sold with AKC Full Registration for solely performance purpose and not breeding. The puppy is purebred and the Buyer
receives AKC registration papers from the Breeder on the day the puppy was picked up. The Buyer has one year from date of
issue of AKC registration application to register their puppy in her name. Note: AKC charges a penalty for late registration. The
Buyer gets 4 generations pedigree. Each puppy comes with the Seller’s notes of recommendations for the further training and
temperament test evaluation results.
The puppy is guaranteed to be healthy upon delivery, or pick up. It has been de-wormed, vaccinated, examined by a
licensed veterinarian, and when shipped by air, comes with a veterinarian health certificate.
The Buyer has THREE business days to have dog examined by his/ her Licensed Veterinarian and to personally inspect
the dog. Any claims must be made within this time period. If any of health problems discovered within this time
period, the Seller will consult with Buyers Licensed Veterinarian and offer the Buyer two choices: 1. Return the puppy
to the Seller for a full refund (minus shipping costs, if any), 2. Keep the puppy by the Buyer and treat it by the Buyer’s
Veterinarian. In this case the Seller will offer a one-time payment to cover an appropriate treatment to restore the
puppy’s health.
The Buyer may return puppy to the Seller for a full refund (minus shipping cost) for any reason within the first
THREE days of purchase (72 hours), providing Buyer agrees to prepay all transportation costs to the Seller’s home.
After three days buyer accepts full responsibility for physical wellbeing of purchased pup/dog.
$ 300.00 deposit is paid to reserve a puppy. Be advised that this deposit is Non-Refundable and represents a serious
commitment on the part of the Buyer in purchasing the puppy, as this puppy will no longer be available for other
prospective buyers. The balance of $____ (in cash, certified check, or money order) to be paid on, or before the
puppy/dog leaves the Seller's premises.
Note: the Buyer has to agree to perform OFA x-rays on hips and elbows to qualify for this guarantee. For puppies that
are sold on non-breeding contract we recommend to do OFA preliminary x-rays during the spay/neutered procedure
because a dog will be under sedation and this would be the most cost effective time to perform OFA x-rays. The Seller
will refund 50% of the cost for x-rays procedure, except for the cost of anesthesia.
Note: the puppy that is sold on Non-Breeding Contract, even with a full AKC Registration cannot be used for breeding.
This puppy should be spayed or neutered between 12 and 24 months old to qualify for guarantees on this contract. All
copies of OFA hips and elbows x-rays results must be submitted to the Seller, and the Buyer must send the Seller a
spaying/neutering certificate to qualify for these guarantees. Due to the variety and quality of available dog foods, we
require that ALL of our puppies be kept on:
NuVet Labs nutritional supplement, "NuVet Plus Canine" until 2 years of age, or an equal quality supplement. This
supplement is very important for a proper development of a young dog and its immune system. This supplement can
be ordered from NuVet Labs at 1-800-474-7044, or (code#19796).
A Good Glucosamine Supplement which feeds the cartilage of the joint. We recommend NutriVet Hip/Joint, or
NuJoint wafers.
Failure to keep your pet on NuVet, or equal quality supplement, will render all guarantees null and void. NOTE:
please keep the supplement receipts for a proof.
All our pups are guaranteed against crippling genetic diseases detected within 5 years of age. The Breeder must be notified
immediately and provided with a licensed veterinarian’s report. Any claims must be made within this time period and will
be verified by the Breeder’s own veterinarian. The Breeder needs to have a digital copy of the x-rays. PLEASE
If the purchased dog receives OFA rating less than Fair for hips and Normal for elbows, the option of getting another
puppy free of charge will be offered. The Buyer will be required to pay all related shipping costs, if any, to get a
replacement puppy and to return the first puppy back to the Seller/Breeder, if the Buyer does not want it. Papers must be
sent to the Breeder with correct transfer signatures. The Buyer may keep the first puppy if he/she chooses to. A copy of a
Spay/Neuter certificate is required before the Seller provides a replacement puppy. NO CASH REFUNDS GIVEN.
If the puppy’ OFA a report comes back with the result of subluxation, the Buyer must repeat the x-rays at a later time at
his/her own expense (at least 6 months after date of original x-ray) before determining that the puppy will not pass
OFA/OVC. No refunds will be given for a report of Panosteoitis (growing pains), as proper feeding can control this and
the puppy should outgrow it.
If the puppy dies and a cause of death is unknown, an autopsy must be performed. The Buyer assumes responsibility for all
costs, but the Seller will offer an assistance and help. If an autopsy result will reveal that the pup died from any genetic
health condition, the Seller will provide a replacement puppy free of charge when one becomes available.
1. The Buyer agrees that the puppy will reside at the home of the registered owner, have access to a fenced yard, not be chained
or "tied out". This puppy must not be left alone for prolonging period of time in a backyard or a kennel and should be provided
with proper housing, and exercise. This animal is sold with the understanding that it was to go to become a member of the
2. The Buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as, or in part of, an agent in the purchase of the puppy and will not sell this puppy
to any agent, pet store, or business.
3. The Buyer agrees to use name VICTORIOUS at the beginning of dog’s registered name and include the pup’s dam Call
name as a part of pup’s registered name on every registration certificate. Any name or letter that the Buyer chooses may follow
the kennel name. For example: Victorious Wind of Faith (Wind is the pup’s name, Faith is the dam of the pup). We are proud
of our outstanding dams and would like to have their lineage easily recognizable in their progeny’ pedigrees.
4. The Buyer agrees to register the puppy with AKC within 1 month of receiving the registration papers and to send a copy of
the certificate to the seller to qualify for the guarantees on this contract.
5. The Buyer agrees to inform seller any time they move or change phone numbers during ownership of the dog.
6. The Buyer agrees not to sell, trade, lease out, euthanize (except under emergency conditions to end suffering), or give away
the dog without written permission from the Seller.
7. If for ANY reason the Buyer can no longer keep the puppy, the Buyer MUST notify the Seller immediately. The Seller and
the Buyer will work together to find an acceptable new home for the puppy. If an acceptable home cannot be found the Seller
will take responsibility of the puppy. The Buyer understands that in such case he/she must to return the dog with signed AKC
registration transfer to the Buyer without receiving any refund. The Breeder will handle shipping arrangements and expenses, if
any. Under no circumstances may this dog be disposed of or surrendered to a Dog Pound, Humane Society, Animal
Shelter, any Rescue Organizations, Pet Store, other Breeders, or to individuals associated with a suspected or proven
puppy mill. The Buyer agrees to pay $ 1,000 of penalty for abandoning the puppy, surrendering it to the Humane
Society, Animal Shelter, any Rescue Organizations, or Pet Stores.
8. The Buyer agrees to comply with all local ordinances regarding the keeping of dogs, in addition to providing adequate food,
water, housing, immunizations and health care, and humane treatment for the dog.
9. The Buyer agrees to prevent the dog from breeding (even by accident) and have the dog spayed or neutered between 12 and
24 months of age. The Buyer is responsible for the entire cost of the spaying/neutering. Furthermore, the Buyer agrees to x-ray
hips and elbows of the pup. The Seller will refund 50% of the cost for x-rays procedure, except for the cost of anesthesia. The
Buyer needs to send copies of vet bills for the x-rays to receive a refund.
10. The Buyer agrees to actively train in any type of dog sport the purchased puppy/dog with a reasonable limitation for puppy’s
age, meaning no high jumps, or prolong running.
11. The Buyer agrees to maintain this dog in good health, provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to,
inoculation, internal and external parasites, and heartworm preventative medication. All expenses regarding the animals
including: shipping of the animals, proper care, veterinary fees, housing, or legal liabilities are the responsibility of the buyer at
whose home the animal will reside with the exceptions that are mentioned in this contract.
12. The Buyer agrees to keep this dog properly nourished (HIGH QUALITY FOOD) and exercised (NO JUMPING OUT
A BALL, CATCHING FIRSBEES, OR JOGGING, etc. before the puppy’s growth plates are closed). The dog must be
kept lean and not over weight.
1. If the puppy is used heavily for agility, open obedience, or any other strenuous activity including protection work or forced
jogging by treadmills, or the opposite extreme and is restricted to a travel in a crate for prolonged extended routine periods of
time without easy regular exercise resulting in underdeveloped muscle tone prior to being 12 months of age, environmentally
induced hip or elbow dysplasia and other joint problems may develop. If these factors are factors in diagnoses the Seller’s
guarantees on this contract will be void. In addition, the Seller reserves the right to repossess the puppy without giving the
Buyer any refund.
2. This Contract applies to the original Buyer only and not transferable to a second party. The Seller must receive signed
contract within 30 days of receipt of dog or it will be considered invalid.
3. Please note: the Seller does not guarantee a coat color, nor that the dark nose pigment will not fade, as some pups have their
coat color lighten with age, or nose pigment may lighten as they mature, which is normal and does not affect the health of the
4. This guarantee does not cover common Giardia, coccidia, or other intestinal parasites that puppies frequently pick up.
5. Any types of cancer are excluded from the health guarantee under this contract because there is no reliable research data
available at this time to be able to verify degrees that genetics, nutrition and environment play in occurrence of canine cancer.
Any breech of this contract by the Buyer gives the Seller the legal right to repossess the puppy at Buyer’s expense and get a
signed AKC registration transfer application from the Buyer. In addition, the Buyer shall be liable for any expenses incurred in
the process of repossession (including attorney’s fees and court costs), and veterinary expenses to restore the dog to good health,
if necessary. If it is not possible for the buyer to return the dog and AKC registration transfer, the Seller will recover the sum of
$1,500 as damages for breaching this contract. The parties to this contract agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Erie County of
New York State for any dispute arising out of this contract.
The Buyer has read, understands and agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions of this contract. Additionally, the Buyer has
also read and fully understands the penalties set within this contract. No other additional conditions or warranties are given, or
implied verbally or in writing.
Seller’s Signature:
Buyer’s Signature:
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