Learning Guide: Evidence for Evolution

Learning Guide: Evidence for Evolution
Bill Activity #10
To Think About: What evidence supports the “pattern” of evolution? In what ways do organisms
share many conserved core processes and features?
1st Read About: Evidence of Evolution Pgs. 460-467
Campbell’s Biology, 9th edition (Title your notes in your BILL notebook. Also please
use “2-sided column notes” or Cornell style format with the key points on the left
and the notes on the right, feel free to leave space at the bottom of each page to
write a summary, also add color and highlighting for the important ideas and key
points. These are your notes you will be using for in class discussions and studying
 Direct Observations of Evolutionary Change.
o Explain how research with soapberry bugs demonstrated observable evolutionary
change. Sketch and label the graphs to support your explanation.
o MRSA is in the news today because it is becoming increasingly common. Explain the
evolution of MRSA’s resistance to methicillin.
 Homology.
o Define homology. How do homologous structures give evidence for evolution?
o List and describe the anatomical homologies listed in the reading.
o Describe what is meant by molecular homologies and why they go “beyond a shared
o Describe what is summarized in an evolutionary tree.
o Sketch and label a simple tree include hatch marks, several branch points and
descendents of a common ancestor. What do the hatch marks represent?
o Organisms that are distantly related can resemble each other. Explain convergent
evolution and describe how analogous structures can arise. Give an example.
 The Fossil Record
o Explain how the fossil record documents the pattern of evolution. There are several
ways. Include examples.
 Biogeography.
o Describe what is meant by biogeography. How is it affected by continental drift and
the presence of endemic species?
 Evolution as a Biological Theory.
o If Darwin was alive today how would he respond to someone who says that evolution
is “just a theory”?
2nd Interact… Watch Mr. Andersen’s Evidence for Evolution video. (004)
 Draw arrows on the attached concept map and answer the video questions. Feel free to add
additional notes on the video guide as needed.
Supplementary Resources: Click the links below for more information to help you learn more about
this lesson.
 Crash Course’s “Evolution: It’s a Thing” video.
 Kimball’s Biology Pages: Mutation and Evolution, Examples of Evidence of Evolution
 University of Utah Learn.Genetics site: Sources of Variation
Learn More:
For more examples of evidence for evolution, use the links below:
 UC Berkeley’s Understanding Evolution: Homologies and Analogies
 Learn.Genetics: All Living Things are Related (also use the HHMI Lectures linked below the
main page)
 Early Theories of Evolution: Evidence of Evolution (Palomar College)
 BBC’s GCSE Bitesize Biology: Evidence for Evolution
 Nature: 15 Evolutionary Gems
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