Manfred Laubichler
Transdisciplinary explorations at the edge of knowledge…
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NOVEMBER 3, 2014
3:00pm Room GWC505
Manfred D. Laubichler is
President’s Professor of
Theoretical Biology and
History of Biology at ASU.
He and his collaborators
study theoretical biology
and the history of biology
using both empirical and
conceptual approaches.
Laubichler's multi-faceted
research involves tracing
the role of gene regulatory
networks in development
and evolution, as well as
studying the conceptual
structure of modern and
historical biology.
Over the last decades, evolutionary explanations have been given for an
increasing number of social, cultural and disease phenomena. In this talk I will
introduce the basic elements of a theory of extended evolution that focuses
first on the origin of variation and second on the evolutionary dynamics. The
theoretical framework for extended evolution is based on the integration of
complex adaptive systems with evolutionary theory. It focuses on the
evolutionary consequences of the properties of complex systems, especially
the role of path depended historical events and of the integration of different
types of causal networks through such processes as internalization,
externalization (niche construction), and hierarchical expansion. I will
illustrate this theory with examples from biological, social and cultural
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