Nicholas Nothnagle Resume 2015

2864 McGovern Road, Caledonia, New York 14423
Email: [email protected], Home Phone: 585-509-2784
Professional Objective
To find an entry level position in a real estate office with flexible hours that will allow me to complete
the requisite training to become a licensed real estate agent.
Professional Experience
Airfield Equipment Operator
2015 to Present
DynCorp International, Kandahar, Afghanistan
I am responsible for execution of precise handling of cargo in support of contractual requirements at a
military airfield in Afghanistan for DynCorp International, a transportation logistics company. I coordinate with
supervisors to plan daily missions and establish operational priorities. I communicate with ground/air crew
members to fulfill assignments in a timely, safety conscious manner. I am required to use radios and hand
signals to communicate with team members and aircrews in daily operations. I operate a 10K (AT) all-terrain
forklift and 60K cargo loader to load and unload cargo that moves to and from Kandahar Airfield. I assist in
cargo preparation and inspection to ensure safety and regulatory compliance to enable swift movement. I am
also responsible for the review of cargo manifests to prepare loads and ensure the proper movement of cargo. I
secure items in various military aircraft and on flatbed trucks, complying with precise procedures to maintain
safety of team members and aircrews. I am responsible for conducting daily equipment maintenance to ensure
top performance and safe operation with minimal downtime. I aid various customers in locating cargo within
warehouse facilities and the cargo yard.
Transportation Specialist
2009 to 2015
U.S. AIR FORCE/U.S. AIR FORCE RESERVE — Charleston, South Carolina & Niagara Falls, New York
I was charged with the preparation, loading, security, and handling of critical air-transported cargo. I
routinely used the Gates system to ensure correct execution of orders and submit required paperwork for airlift.
Interacted with flight and ground transportation teams to communicate cargo location/status, working to
maintain established schedules and avoid route disruptions. Expertly operated and maintained forklifts
(4K/6K/10K/10K AT/50K) as well as loaders (60K/NGSL). I controlled access to the flight line and warehouse
in interest of team, information, and asset security. As a Transportation Specialist I expertly met internal
demands for incredibly diverse array of tasks, ranging from simple goods shipments to the transportation of
overseas relief aid and the deployment of vehicles in support of national security objectives. I played
instrumental role in successfully passing cargo processing inspection in 2011. Honored for contributions with
National Defense Service Medal and Global War on Terrorism Service Medal; received honorable discharge. I
transitioned from active duty to the U.S. Air Force Reserve in ’11.
Skilled Laborer,
NOTHNAGLE DRILLING — Scottsville, New York
I performed a variety of labor tasks across various job sites within established multi-service drilling
company. I routinely engaged with customers to confirm job scope and schedule. I was selected to take on some
job bidding responsibilities to include the collection of data from job sheets to estimate amount of materials and
man-hours needed for proposed jobs. I was responsible for the cleaning and inspection of equipment and
machinery to ensure compliance with standards for avoiding cross-contamination in preparation for new jobs. I
frequently liaised with customers’ post-job completion to ensure satisfaction with outcomes.
2864 McGovern Road, Caledonia, New York 14423
Email: [email protected], Home Phone: 585-509-2784
I coordinated with drilling crews and management teams on- and off-site to ensure job completion and
the availability of equipment and materials. I operated and conducted vehicle maintenance on backhoes, skid
steers with a focus on safety and efficiency.
Education and Training:
40 credit hours of coursework specializing in business and construction management completed at:
Monroe Community College
Genesee Community College
Finger Lakes Community College
Professional Development:
U. S. Air Force Basic Training,
U.S. Air Force Air Transportation School,
Certified Train the Trainer for Airfield Equipment Operation and Airport Operations and Load Building
Trained in the use of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook)
Gates Air Logistics Tracking Systems
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