qfi teacher fellowships 2016-2017

As part of its overall mission to expand and improve the teaching of K-12 Arabic in the United States, Qatar Foundation
International (QFI) is pleased to offer Teacher Fellowships for current or prospective K-12 teachers to become certified in
Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language. Fellowships will provide up to $25,000 toward tuition, fees and textbooks for programs
that will lead to a licensure or certification to teach Arabic in U.S. public or public charter schools. In addition to these funds,
each fellow is paired with an experienced Teacher Fellow Cohort Mentor who will provide valuable guidance throughout his/her
program and into the first year of teaching. Fellows will also be afforded a number of professional development opportunities
and are eligible to receive funding for summer advanced Arabic study.
Fellowships are awarded to three types of applicants:
Teacher candidates who are pursuing a Masters of Arts in Teaching that results in the certification of Teaching
Arabic as a Foreign Language or in World Language Teaching (degree names may vary by state and institution);
Teachers who are already certified in another discipline and are seeking an endorsement to teach Arabic; or
Teacher candidates seeking certification to teach Arabic in the U.S. through any other recognized means, including
undergraduate programs and alternative routes to certification.
Teacher Fellowships are awarded for one academic year. However, Fellows are able to apply for a grant renewal in subsequent
years in order to complete a multi-year program. Please note that QFI does not operate an academic program, but rather funds
Fellows at university programs across the U.S. and provides them with additional support and mentorship. Applicants for
Teacher Fellowship must also apply, and be accepted to, an accredited university program in that will lead to certification in
Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language or in World Language Teaching. Additionally, please note that this fellowship is
contingent upon the signed agreement of the applicant to teach Arabic at a U.S. public or public charter school upon completion
of his/her program.
Fellowship funds can be requested up to $25,000 for the following:
Tuition and fees for credit-bearing courses in Education and associated subjects required for certification or the degree.
Tuition and fees for advanced courses in Arabic language required for certification or the degree. Some Fellows may
receive funding for intensive summer Arabic study in the Middle East through a separate application (more
information will be provided to successful Teacher Fellows).
Housing costs and fees for summer programs required for the degree that require staying outside the student’s normal
Fees associated with tests required to obtain a teaching certification/license.
$500 toward the cost of books.
Fellowship funds cannot be used for:
Courses taken before the start of the Fellowship period (June 2016) or after the end of the Fellowship period (May
General course requirements for BA candidates.
Costs of room and board other than those for summer programs outside the student’s normal residence.
Parking and transportation.
Summer Arabic study
Funding is available for Fellows to attend an advanced summer Arabic course to improve language proficiency. Please
note that funding is limited and will require an additional proposal/request after Fellowship funds are awarded.
As a main component of the Teacher Fellowship program, each Fellow will be individually paired with a Teacher Fellow Cohort
Mentor. Each Cohort Mentor has in-depth experience in the teaching of the Arabic language and will provide insight and
guidance as Fellows complete their course of study. This mentorship is available to each Fellow for the term of their fellowship
as well as for one additional year after the fellowship’s completion to provide additional career guidance.
In addition, each Fellow will have the opportunity to attend a variety of professional development events sponsored by QFI.
These events will afford Fellows with the opportunity to not only gain insight and learn new skills regarding teaching the Arabic
language but also to network with other education professionals. Professional development events include attendance to QFI’s
annual Arabic Summer Institute as well as the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Convention.
Part of the Fellowship requires a commitment by each Fellow to teach the Arabic language at a U.S. public or public charter
school for a minimum of three years. QFI supports this commitment by providing individual career assistance to each Fellow,
utilizing its vast network of academic institutions to identify and facilitate career connections and opportunities.
The applicant must:
Be a U.S. citizen or have a status permitting study and work in the United States. QFI does not sponsor visas.
Show proof of acceptance to an accredited program that includes the courses required by the state for certification in
Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL) or in World Language Teaching.
Not already be certified to teach Arabic.
Not already have a Masters of Arts in Teaching (unless applicant is seeking an Endorsement in Teaching Arabic).
Demonstrate at least Intermediate High proficiency (on the ACTFL scale) in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in
Arabic at the beginning of the award, and at least Advanced Mid by graduation. See the scale at
http://actflproficiencyguidelines2012.org and Arabic examples at http://www.cal.org/aop/index.php.
Please thoroughly review the conditions below before applying, as Teacher Fellows are expected to meet these commitments
during, and in some cases after, the entire grant period:
Commit to teach Arabic for at least three years in a U.S. K-12 public or public charter school.
Agree to work closely with a QFI-appointed Teacher Fellow Cohort Mentor who will advise you throughout the
Fellowship and into your first year of employment in the public school system.
Complete a Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL) methodology course. If your program does not offer one,
find (with assistance from your mentor) and complete a course of study that fulfills this requirement.
Maintain a cumulative GPA of B+ (3.3) and a grade of B (3.0) or higher in each class.
Freely share any materials that you produce during the grant period with QFI and the QFI network.
Attend QFI-sponsored professional development opportunities.
Demonstrate at least Advanced Mid proficiency on the ACTFL scale by the time of graduation.
The deadline for application for a Teacher Fellowship is February 15, 2016.
Complete applications must include the following:
QFI Teacher Fellowship Application
Transcript from each degree program attended
300-word essay in English (essay prompt in application)
150-word essay in Arabic (essay prompt in application)
2-3 letters of recommendation
Evidence of teaching skill
Proof of application to a university program
Letter of acceptance from your university (when available)
More information about these requirements can be found within the QFI Teacher Fellowship Application, available at
To apply, you must register in QFI’s Grants Management Portal, Fluxx, at http://qfi.fluxx.io/.
When creating an account for the first time:
Begin by clicking “Create an Account Now” and complete all relevant information. All of the fields in bold are required to be
completed. Under “Program,” select “Arabic Language and Culture.” Then under “In which grant type are you interested?”
select “Teacher Fellowship Grant.”
Enter your “Project Title” as “Teacher Fellowship” followed by your first and last name (e.g., “Teacher Fellowship – First
Name_Last Name”). Input the amount of funding requested up to $25,000 and then under “Project Summary,” list the type of
program and the university you plan to attend (e.g. “MA in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language at the University of
Within two business days you will receive an email with your login information, inviting you to submit a full proposal. Once you
have logged in, locate your draft under “Requests” and click the blue link on the left. You can now edit your proposal and upload
If already registered in Fluxx:
If you have already registered on Fluxx, you do not need to register again. If you have forgotten your password, please click on
“I forgot my login/password”. Once you receive your password, please follow the instructions below to apply. If you are
experiencing further technical difficulties, please contact [email protected]
A. Create a Request
After logging in to the Grants Management Portal, click on “Create a Request.” This will pull up a page listing several categories
of grants. Click the “Teacher Fellowship” button to open the application.
B. Complete the Request
Please complete each question either in a drop down or short narrative form. All fields are required. If you are unable to
complete an answer, state “Unknown.” If the question does not apply to you, state “N/A.”
Please fully complete the application before selecting “Save Grant Request” at the bottom of the screen, as you cannot save the
grant request without doing so.
C. Budget
Please complete the budget form within the application using the Office Budget tool.
D. Request Documents
In this final section, please upload all requested documents. Please title all forms consistently with your full name and the type of
document (e.g. “First Name_Last Name_Resume”).
QFI Teacher Fellowship Application
Transcripts (official or unofficial)
300-word English essay
150-word Arabic essay
Evidence of teaching skill, such as a video of yourself teaching in the classroom, a lesson plan, materials you have
developed, and/or a teaching evaluation.
Proof of application to a university program
Letter of acceptance from your university (if available)
To inquire further about the QFI Teacher Fellowship grants, please contact:
Craig Cangemi
[email protected]
Qatar Foundation International
1400 Eye Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005
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