Goha The Wise Fool

Goha The Wise Fool
The donkey
and I
Who is Goha?
Narrators and historians differ in the
character of Goha. Some of them said that
he is an image of some foolish or goofy
person. And others said that he is a man
in full consciousness and mind and he
pretends to be an idiot to claim his views
and make fun of the rulers freely. But all
of them agree on his character that he was
a simple man has just only one friend and it
is his donkey that he has shared his stories.
When did the people start to know him
No one knows exactly when
this character came to be shown in
the Arabic literature .it’s
a well known character we can
change and literature changes but
the character
of Goha still there in every time and with
people from different ages and education
What else about him ?
He looks like the fool of Shakespeare that
character which looks as an idiot, foolish
and, silly but very wise, critic and courageous
to say every thing people can’t.
In the Arabic literature, there are too
many stories whose hero is Goha and his
donkey .every one in the Arabic nations knows
Goha and all of us laugh at and with his stories
which is for us an outlet to express the things we
can ‘t say in direct way .and we regard it as if it
was the tongue which speaks for us ,plus we always
learn from it .
For Arab Nations ………
Goha for us as Arab is our
wise fool like that of
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