Critical Incident Management Policy

Schools are responsible for:
 Planning for and managing emergencies.
 Responding swiftly to emergency incidents including medical emergencies.
 Reporting emergencies and incidents.
 Liaising with a range of support agencies including the Security Services Unit.
 Testing emergency procedures.
To ensure that, as part of the school’s Emergency Management Plan, Knox Park Primary School has a
process for reporting critical incidents to Emergency Management that complies with DET policy.
The school’s Emergency Management Plan identifies all possible emergency situations that may occur at
Knox Park Primary School and gives full details of those that have been identified as the most likely to
occur. However there is only a moderate risk of these emergencies occurring.
Once the safety and security of students, staff, parents and visitors to the school have been ensured, the
school will report the incident to Emergency Management on 9589-6266, 24-hours a day.
The information to be conveyed to Emergency Management includes:
 Who; the name of the person reporting the emergency/critical incident.
 What; the nature of the emergency/critical incident.
 When; the time when the school became aware of the emergency/critical incident.
 Where; the location of the emergency/critical incident and contact phone numbers if it has occurred
away from school.
It is essential that the emergency services are notified immediately. The appropriate services are:
 Ambulance for injury and medical assistance.
 Fire brigade for fires (even when fires have been put out).
 Police for crime, injury which may not be accidental or assault.
 SES for floods and wind storms.
As a priority, in the first instance, Knox Park Primary School will render first aid and ensure the safety and
wellbeing of the staff or students involved.
If the incident involves loss of life, serious injury or emotional disturbance, the school community will be
informed as soon as practicable. If appropriate, counselling and other support will be provided. While the
school should operate as normally as possible, some degree of flexibility should exist.
If the accident relates to staff, the school will make the report to the Department via CASES21 and
notifiable incidents to WorkSafe Victoria.
The school will record all student accidents at school or at a school organised activity in the injury
management system on CASES21.
Ratified by School Council: 12/10/15
Issue Number: 1
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Next Review Date:
- 2018 -
In all accidents whether to students, staff, parents or visitors, the school will anticipate the possibility of
litigation following an accident and prepare for a detailed examination of actions, planning, and the
curriculum role of any activity. The Principal may obtain statements from witnesses and retain these on
file with a notation on the statement that this statement is privileged and confidential - prepared solely
for anticipated litigation and for the provision of legal advice.
Parents/guardians are responsible for the cost of medical treatment and transportation of the student to
a medical facility or home. Parents/guardians may decide to obtain student accident insurance cover from
a commercial insurer.
Please also refer the school’s Emergency Management Plan.
This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.
Ratified by School Council: 12/10/15
Issue Number: 1
No of Pages: Page 1 of 2
Next Review Date:
- 2018 -