the Complete Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

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Pre-consultation Questionnaire:
How long are you planning on living in your current home? ________________________________________________
Do you own the home you are living in or do you rent? ___________________________________________________
How many people live in your home? _____________
What is their relation to you? (i.e. spouse, elderly mother, children, etc.)
If children live in this home, what are their ages and are they boys or girls? ___________________________________
Does anyone living in the home have any physical or other disability that I should consider in any design? If so, describe
the disability and the needs in general of that person…
Tell me about any pets that live with you and have access to the interiors of your home…
On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it to you that you live in a beautiful well-designed home? _________________
What is your budget for the interior design of your home? ________________________________________________
Regarding the budget you have listed, is this for the life of the home; for this one project; for one room; for one year?
Tell me what are your thoughts?
In order to save money on interior design are you, or your spouse, willing to do some work yourself as opposed to hiring
contractors for every need? _________________________________________________________________________
What expectations do you have in regard to how long this project will take to complete?
Now let’s fantasize. If your home (God forbid) were to catch fire, and all members of your family, all pets, all important
documents, all photographs and your jewelry have already been saved but you have time to go back into the house for
only ONE more object, what would it be? Do not consider the size or weight of any object, in this fantasy, you can carry
anything. _________________________________________________________________________________________
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What is your favorite color? _______________________. Partner or spouse favorite color? ______________________
What is your least favorite color? __________________ . Partner or spouse least favorite color? __________________
What is your favorite hobby? ________________________________________________________________________
What is your partner or spouse’s favorite hobby? ________________________________________________________
How techno-savvy are you? In other words, do you enjoy high tech devices such as surround-sound theatres and
computerized lighting controls or would you prefer to keep these types of things to a minimum?
Do you consider yourself well-organized? ________________________
Do you feel you need more storage space and/or are you able to “throw things out”?
Do you enjoy entertaining? If yes, what type of entertaining do you do; casual or more formal?
If you can, prior to our meeting, please find three pictures of rooms that you find exceptionally attractive or that compel
you in some way to want to improve your interiors. Just save these for when we meet.
Name(s): ________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone number(s): _________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail address: ___________________________________________________________________________________
NONE of the information on this form will be shared with ANYONE outside of Verona Interior Design LLC ever.
Submit this form to [email protected]
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