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Our Terms and Conditions are as follows:
All visiting mares must have a veterinary certificate stating that the mare has been swab
tested and is free from infection (including contagious equine metritis), or this can be carried
out by our veterinary clinic and the owner charged accordingly.
The best time for mares to arrive is just before they are due to come in season and their
follicular development will be constantly monitored to obtain the optimum timing for covering.
Mares that arrive for foaling should arrive about three weeks before their due date.
All owners/agents are required to fill in and sign our booking form and return to us before the
mare arrives. All mares must be accompanied with their passport.
We ask that all mares and foals arrive at stud with a suitable fitting head collar and/or foal
slip that is marked with the mares and/or foals name. If you wish to leave any other
equipment such as stable or turnout rugs and hoods, travel boots or bandages that these are
also clearly labeled and noted on the inventory section of the booking form so that we can
ensure they are returned when your mare is collected.
Please make sure all mares arrive at stud without hind shoes, any mares arriving with hind
shoes will not be allowed out to grass or be covered until we can get them removed. Mares
and foals will have their feet trimmed when necessary and any costs charged to the owner’s
account. Any specific shoeing requirements must be notified to the stud when the mare is
booked in.
Mares and foals will be wormed regularly and the owner charged accordingly.
It is stud policy to scan all mares. To qualify for the No Foal Free Return basis, all mares
must have a positive scan at a stage to detect a heartbeat prior to leaving the stud.
All horses and ponies will be registered individually with our veterinary practice, Isle Valley
Equine Clinic and each owner will be invoiced directly by our vets for any fees incurred.
Veterinary assistance will be called in when deemed necessary by the stud.
25% of the stud fee will be charged for a nomination not taken up unless a Veterinary
certificate is produced stating that there is a valid reason for the mare and/or foals not to
arrive at stud.
Mares and foals will have the benefit of all pasture available at the stud. Mares may be kept
stabled if requested. The stud has a right to feed or stable grass kept mares, as they
consider most beneficial to the care of the mare and/or foal, for example, if the weather
changes for the worse. The owners will be charged accordingly.
All owners are advised to insure their animals prior to arrival at Stud. Although every care is
taken and mares, foals and any equipment will receive every possible care, attention and
supervision are left at the Stud at the owner’s risk. No responsibility can be accepted for
accident or disease nor does the stud give and express or implied guarantee of success and
mares and/or foals can only be taken on this understanding.
All mares are covered at their owners risk, and the stud is not liable for any damages or
compensation in respect of any injury or damage whatsoever caused to the mare and/or
foal, including (but not limited to) teasing and foaling.
Owners must accept that while their horse or pony is at Goresmead and Bradmore Stud it is
at their risk or has no responsibility for their mare or foal can be accepted by the stud and all
liability claims, damages, costs, loss and expense of any kind whatsoever are hereby
expressly excluded.
Invoices will be sent out in the post on a monthly basis and to be paid by cheque or direct
debit (bank details can be given on request) within 10 days of date of invoice. The final
account for all livery fees and other costs incurred and outstanding invoices must be paid
before the mare and or foal leave the stud. Mare owners who send a third party to collect
their mares must make arrangements to pay in advance of collection. Mares will not be
allowed to leave before payment is made in full.
The stud reserves the right to refuse entry to the stud to any mare or foal in the event that
any of these conditions are not complied with or where they consider that mare or foal to be
in an unacceptable health risk.
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