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The FRAMECAD Solution
Design Build Solution
Welcome to the future of cold formed steel frame
design, manufacturing and building solutions
With FRAMECAD technology and FRAMECAD building products, you can turn architectural
inspiration into commercial reality much faster and more cost effectively than ever before.
FRAMECAD Integrated design and Build Solution incorporates the intelligence of
FRAMECAD software and FRAMECAD manufacturing solutions, complemented by an
international building products supply chain providing steel, cladding, lining, flooring,
roofing and building hardware.
FRAMECAD is the world’s most advanced end-to-end steel frame design and manufacturing
system, allowing us to mass produce cold formed steel frames with precision and accuracy
that is determined by the system, eliminating factory workers or on-site assemblers.
In One Quarter of the Time…
In One Quarter of the Time…
• Pre-fabricated stud wall panels: exterior and interior
load bearing, exterior curtain / by-pass walls and
interior partitions
• Floor trusses in multitude of depths and spans
• Roof trusses in virtually any shape or profile
• Blocking trusses
• Stud and track material custom cut to length for
applications such as outlookers and soffit framing
• Construction of your building in ¼ of the time when
compared to conventional framing
Code Compliance & Specifications
FRAMECAD Code Approvals and Industry Standard Compliance:
• ICC Certified
• Meets all ASTM specifications for Cold Formed Metal Framing
Material Features Exclusive to FRAMECAD:
• Components are fabricated using 72 ksi steel – exceeds industry
standards of 55 ksi
• G90 zinc coating
• All fasteners and components used to fabricate finished assemblies
are sourced through FRAMECAD and are specifically designed and
tested for use with the FRAMECAD Design and Build System
Design and Engineering
Design and Engineering
All pre-fabricated components produced by the FRAMECAD system are fully
FRAMECAD is the only system in the industry where the design and
engineering software and the equipment are fully integrated and sourced
through a single manufacturer
Engineer sealed shop drawings provided by Douglass Colony for every
project. Eliminates the need for the framing contractor to retain an engineer
to design and seal shop drawings
Building Applications
Virtually any commercial, or industrial projects
Low to mid-rise construction; single story – up to eight story structures
Military and Institutional projects
Custom Residential
3 5/8” Stud Dimensions
6” Stud Dimensions
The Product
Benefits of Light Gauge Steel
The Rocky Mountain Region’s exclusive fabrication