Student Eval of Class SLOs LERN 53ABCD

Learning Assistance Department
Student Evaluation of Course Learning Outcomes
LERN 53ABCD – Test Prep – Standardized Exams
Course #
Instructor’s Name
Section #
Student’s Name
How confident are you that you have the ability to do the following?
Write the number that best expresses your ability in the appropriate box below.
1 = Not confident
2 = Slightly confident
3 = Somewhat confident
4 = Quite confident
Please evaluate your ability to apply
the following learning outcomes for this course
A. Access informational materials relevant to the exam
B. Analyze test format and content relevant to the exam
C. Differentiate among types of questions on the exam and
formulate appropriate responses
D. Analyze and adopt test taking and scoring strategies relevant to
the exam
E. Adopt test-taking behavior that reduces anxiety and stress, and
increases concentration.
F. Develop a plan for studying for the exam including evaluation of
materials and recommended resources, and making informed
choices based on experience with and knowledge of the exam.
Beginning of course comments:
End of course comments:
5 = Extremely confident
of Course
End of