SALZBURG: Scene of a Crime Calling for Solidarity & Peace

SALZBURG: Scene of a Crime
Calling for Solidarity & Peace through an Art-Project
The otherwise untouchable facade of Salzburg’s Cathedral will stage an unusual work of art. Claudia
Henzler persevered and made it possible: In July 2015, her black & white photo installation with the
image of an old woman reminds us of our very own humanity.
The cause is Srebrenica, synonymous with massacre and unimaginable horrors, where 20 years ago
the worst genocide in Europe since the end of WWII took place. What has happened since? The
headlines continue to tell stories of violence and IS-terror. All the more is it important to underline
the significance of co-existence in diversity and peace.
July 11, 2015 is the date: the facade of the centuries old Salzburg Cathedral (“Salzburger Dom”) will
become an unusual showplace. Award winning photo artist Claudia Henzler has succeeded where
even international companies have failed. With her portrait of “Old Hava” (this was the name of the
old woman from Srebrenica) Claudia is counting on “human being. being human”. The German title
of her threefold peace art project is: “MENSCHSEIN”.
Salzburg’s famous Cathedral will present the image of Hava, like an “icon” – a window to other
realities, representing the many mothers, widows and victims of Srebrenica, and representing all
people who have experienced violence and suffering. They NOW have a face. They are given
attention and respect. They are seen. Wrinkled and worn by suffering, having gone through all the
ups and downs of life. It is not just anyone we are looking upon: we can behold ourselves. Hava
represents all of us, as a “human being. being human”. Including all of our darkness, suffering and
doubts. At the same time Hava represents life in its fullness with all of its joys and hopes. It is all in
her face. All the ups and all the downsides and shadows. Life. Passion. Pain. Failure. Resurrection.
The “icon” of Hava reminds us of all of the possibilities and the power of resilience within us.
Hope. Strength. Meaningfulness. The power to reconcile and so much more. Well, one may reflect:
What´s beyond Havas closed eyes? Maybe she asks us, the beholders: “What about you, where is
your focus?”, or “What do you live for? What path do you choose to take?”
While the rejection of everything foreign often ends in terror, Claudia Henzler on the contrary
stresses the value, beauty and significance of appreciation and connectedness throughout all
diversity with her threefold peace art project: MENSCHSEIN | human being. being human.
“I dedicate my art project “MENSCHSEIN (Being Human)” to remember our true nature. I view it as
a possibility to express my wish and concern for peace. Peace depends on every single one of us
thus it is essential that we proactively choose to build peace every single day.” Claudia Henzler
In 2010 Claudia Henzler visited Srebrenica. She has been there together with Doraja Eberle, a former
member of Salzburg’s parliament, and her non profit organisation “Bauern helfen Bauern” (Farmers
help Farmers). With the touching social documentary which Claudia created during that visit she
received the renown “St. Leopold Peace Award for humanitarian commitment in art”. The artists
photographs from Bosnia constitute the fundament of the threefold peace art project
“MENSCHSEIN | human being. being human”.
While Srebrenica is point of departure for the current concept, Claudia goes on to broaden the
viewpoint, moving the perspective from horror to beauty of diversity.
The tapestry of cultures and religions is the focus of all three parts of Claudia´s concept. Her peace
art project takes place during the glamorous season of the “Salzburg Festival” (Salzburger Festspiele):
A time when Salzburg becomes the sounding capital city for art and a host to the entire world.
OVERVIEW of Claudia Henzler’s threefold peace art project
1.) Creativity Workshop: “Vielfalt im Blick” (engl: in Focus: “Diversity”)
Exploring togetherness and diversity, through the lens of a camera (has already taken place)
Impressions & Echo of the Workshop:
2.) Photo Installation “MENSCHSEIN. 20 years Srebrenica. Life after the massacre” on the facade of
Salzburg’s Cathedral (Salzburger Dom, Fassade), Residenzplatz, Salzburg, Austria
Opening & 20 Year-Memorial of the Srebrenica Genocide: July 11, 3pm – 8pm
The Photo Installation will be shown to the public until July 25
3.) Photo Exhibition “MENSCHSEIN | human being. being human”
Vernissage: July 23, 7pm
Locaction: Stadtgalerie Säulenhalle, Altes Rathaus, Getreidegasse/Kranzlmarkt 1, Salzburg
Festive opening: Dr. Anton Gugg, Doraja Eberle & Claudia Henzler
Music & Poetry: Simone Pergmann, Georg Klebel & Bernie Rothauer
Duration of the exhibition until August 31, 2015. Mon. – Thurs. 8am – 5pm, Fri. 8am – 1pm
ABOUT Claudia Henzler
 Photographer, artist, visionary. Born in Heidelberg, Germany, living in Salzburg, Austria
 Has travelled over 50 countries & diverse zones of crisis (Israel, Palestine, Kosovo, Bosnia, Haiti)
 Numerous exhibitions, talks and video presentations.
 2011: group exhibition at the Vatican with renown artists such as Ennio Morricone, Arvo Pärt,
Mario Botta and Oscar Niemeyer
 In 2012 Claudia received the “St. Leopold Peace Prize for humanitarian commitment in art” for
her Srebrenica picture cycle titled “Justice contra Cynicism”
 Founder of the “School of Awareness” she holds Workshops on subjects like: “Click! My Vision in
Focus”, “Diversity in Focus”, “Spirituality through the Lens”. Claudia teaches to use the camera as
a tool to unfold and develop the creative potential that is inherent within each individual
 she fosters communication & connectedness and transmits that via art and photography
 Her vision is to help broaden horizons & deepen understanding & dialogue between people of all
colour, nation and creed. And she uses photography, art and creativity as a tool to facilitate that
PHOTOS free of Charge of Claudia Henzler
Download press material & photos (high resolution):
Usage free of charge for press in connection with the peace art project, with
copyright obligatory as follows: © Claudia Henzler |
If you would like to use or buy Claudia’s pictures for other purposes, please contact the artist
CONTACT Claudia Henzler | [email protected] | +43 650 277 2500
Details, interviews & more about the art project:
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