November 6
Fall Concert - MMS Music Dept. (6:00 p.m. MMS Gym)
November 7
Veterans’ Day Assembly – 8th Gr Band (9:00 a.m. MMS Gym)
December 19
Winter Concert - Music Dept. - School Assembly - (T.B.A.)
February 5
Sno-King Middle School Honors Festival & Concert
Selected 8th grade students (Edmonds Center for the Arts)
Jan./Feb. T.B.A.
MHS Basketball Game – 8th Grade Band
February 25
NW Quadrant Band Concert – 8th Grade Band, NW Quad 6th Gr.
Bands, MHS Wind Ensemble (7:00 p.m. MHS Gym)
March 18
Sno-King Band Festival – both 7th and 8th Gr. Bands
(During school day @ Edmonds Center for the Arts)
March 26
7th Grade Band Concert (7:00 p.m. MMS)
May 2
Sno-King Solo & Ensemble Festival
Interested 7th and 8th Gr. Students (MMS)
Elementary Schools Tour - 8th Grade Band, Choir, Orchestra and
Jazz Band (During school day)
June TBA
MMS Jazz Night - 7th and 8th Grade Jazz Bands
(7:00 p.m. MMS Commons)
June 11
Spring Band and Orchestra Concert (7:00 p.m. MMS Gym)
Be prompt. Come to class on time and ready to rehearse.
Be prepared with instrument, music a pencil and other necessary supplies (reeds, etc.).
Do your best to:
Maintain a positive attitude
Try to improve and learn something new every day
Help and support others
Attend all performances.
Be a “Team Player,” polite to and respectful of fellow students, their feelings and
personal belongings.
Be responsible for your instrument, music, and other school equipment. Provide a name
tag on your instrument’s case, make sure it is properly stored and cared for.
Be productive, actively participating and contributing during class. At home, practice
your instrument at least 1.5 hours per week (15-20 minutes every day).
When the Director is on the podium, everyone is silent.
Play your instrument only. Don’t touch anything that does not belong to you.
Avoid talking and playing out of turn during rehearsal.
No food, candy, or electronic devices in the music room.
Stay in assigned seats until dismissed.
Forgetting instrument, disrupting class, tardy to class a second time =
7th Grade – Access on Achievement, Book 2, scale sheets, and other handouts.
8th Grade - Access on Achievement, Book 3, scale sheets, and other handouts.
Books, instruments and other music supplies can be purchased at the following music stores in
our area: (phone for nearest location and directions)
Kennelly Keys Music 425-771-7020
September 2014
Dear MMS Band Parent:
Happy new school year! First of all, I would like to welcome all the new 7th and 8th graders to
our band program and look forward to a great year of music making at Meadowdale Middle
School. Please read this with your child to familiarize yourselves with the procedures and
expectations of all band members.
Musicians can and will improve by practicing their instrument both at home and at school. A
minimum of 1.5 hours per week or 15 - 20 minutes a day of additional practice is essential to
your child’s musical development and improvement. Please encourage your son or daughter to
schedule a regular time and place to practice and preferably make it a daily routine. We also
have practice rooms available for use after school. I realize these kids have many interests and
other obligations, but to succeed in music, you gotta PRACTICE! Additional private lessons are
also a great option for those wishing to improve their skills, especially those switching
instruments. Feel free to contact me, or any music store for names of local private music
teachers who specialize on your child’s specific instrument.
Performing is an excellent way for a musician to demonstrate individual talent and technique, but
even more important, it provides a tremendous learning experience. When a young musician
proves to him or herself that they can perform in front of an audience, a valuable lesson in selfconfidence is learned. Performance attire is “black and white,” black shoes, black pants or skirts
and white blouses or dress shirts. This year’s performance schedule is attached. Please mark
your calendars so you can support your young musician and attend our exciting performances.
At the beginning of the school year every music student at our school is required to pay a $20
fee. The money generated by this music activity fee pays for new music, supplies, equipment,
and transportation costs for our music department. Thanks to your support, we will continue to
provide quality music literature and materials to inspire all of our music students to improve and
do their best. Please send a check payable to Edmonds School District (ESD) for this annual $20
music fee by September 12. If you have serious financial needs, please contact me or the MMS
counselor. If your son or daughter is fortunate enough to have two music classes, the fee is $30.
Grades in all band classes are based on positive performance and productivity in class (40%),
successful completion of playing and written tests (40%) and attendance at concerts (20%).
Student grades will be entered into Skyward for students and parents to view and are updated as
they become available, generally every 2-3 weeks.
This packet and other helpful information can be accessed through the MMS website via the staff
directory. If you have a preferred email address that I could contact you with concert reminders
and calendar changes, please include it on the space provided below. Also, if you are interested
in volunteering to help chaperone on field trips or in our band classroom, indicate that as well or
just let me know.
Please realize your support, both financial and otherwise, is greatly appreciated by the entire
music staff at Meadowdale Middle School. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please
call me anytime at (425) 431-4345, or email me at [email protected]
Bruce Laven
MMS Band Director
Please sign and return to Mr. Laven with your $20 band fee ASAP, preferably by Sept. 12.
Student Signature ________________________________
Parent Signature _________________________________
Preferred email address _____________________________
We have read the contents of this packet and realize the quality of the music program is
dependent upon the discipline and responsibility of each student to do their best, following the
rules and guidelines described herein.
__ Yes! I’d love to help with band field trips or in the classroom this year. (circle one or both!)
I can be reached at _____ ______________ or email __________________________________
(if different from above)
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